About Us

Maher etv is a platform where you will get to know about sports, business, entertainment, politics and Islamic history.

We want to be something other than the most visited website or the fastest. We want to be a very private place with lots of interesting things to read and where everyone is welcome.

Do you believe it?

We, young people with passion and enthusiasm have researched and built this website, starting from scratch. And we have worked hard, dedicated time and money to build a common playground for you and us.

Just for fun

Maher etv is organized with the core quality of entertainment, so the articles on the website always offer fun and humor. While reading, if you see negative articles and harmful content, please report us. We want to read all your comments and feedback, so your voice will be heard

Creative, simple, and clever

You can watch Maher etv only from the interface. We want to bring you the best information about global news, technology, business ideas and markets fast, so we always try to ensure that:

Information must be authentic
The content goes directly to the problem, not the scale
Improving core presentation and content
Speed is a priority
Always welcome new members

Since its inception, Maher etv team consists of 2 – 3 people. We know that we alone are not enough to create an open and private space as a mission, so Maher etv always needs the support of the community. Maher etv always welcomes people who love writing and love technology to develop Maher etv with us. With Maher etv, you will have the space and openness to express your personality in the most comfortable way. You will never need to write orders in a traditional structure or style

It would help if you were always on your own. This is what we want

It’s just the beginning

By now, we know that running and developing a website is difficult. However, this is only the beginning. We expect the road to be a bit bumpy (although we know a lot). Still, hopefully, every compliment, “Your interface is beautiful” or just a comment, is enough energy for us to continue this journey.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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