The story of the Turkish TV series Kurşun Bullet is based on the life of a prosecutor and a journalist in Turkey in the 1970s. Prosecutor Orhan Atmaca has two faces (played by Engin Altan Düzyatan). On the other hand, though he seeks justice in legitimate ways during the daytime, he is struggling against the underground world of Istanbul in his own “way” at night.
Leyla (Burcin Terzioglu), on the other hand, is a journalist who is young, ambitious, and talented. She learned not to trust anybody after her father left when she was a little girl. She lives with her mom, who suffers from mental health issues, and Leyla develops a strong personality for this reason. She dedicates her life to her work and wants to do whatever it takes to find the truth.
Orhan and Leyla’s lives collide because of the murder case. Despite all the challenges, Orhan wants to settle the case and Leyla wants to report all the news to the public. These two young people have little to do in this process except to work together behind the scenes against the mafia ruling Istanbul.
Can Orhan and Leyla manage, in this difficult process, to secure their families and loved ones? You will get all your answers only on Maher TV.

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