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You heard it right, Osman. The growing hostility between the two Turkmen beys must come to an end. The way to do this has always been clear. Take the girl and give the girl. My desire is to get married with Malhun. My sheik I already have a wedding. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu Dubbing. She is also your daughter. He has no children. It is imperative that you have a crown prince for the salvation of the Kayı obas. You cannot delay this any longer. Do you see how they look at you? How they believe, how they trust you. You have a liability to them, Osman Bey. You should marry a man’s daughter who will add strength to Obana and tell them this is my successor. I know, my shame, I know. But how do I do this to Bala? Bala also knows that such a thing will happen one day. Not that Malhun chick it will hurt him more, my dear. You should think for a while. Let me know when you make up your mind. I have no doubt that it will make the best decision. Come on, Kumral Abdal, our duty is over. Let’s go, my dear, let’s go. The Alps.

Kurulus Osman Episode 60 Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing

We return to the label. No, sir. What do you mean? I’m telling you no, Nikola! Where you say they will be deployed with their Alps, there is no creature other than crows laughing at us! Sir Togay is coming with his guard. What are we going to do, Nikola? Shut up! They don’t know we’re here. From here we can start a sudden shot with archers. I said shut up. We lost Bithynia because of idiots like you. We cannot win the war against Togay with a handful of soldiers in our possession! Sir, they are coming! What are you suggesting, Nikola, what are we going to do? Return to your castle, pay your tax! I can not do this. I said you will do it! You will! Let Today assume that he has spent his teeth on us. Patience a little more patience. Damn! Patience! Return to your castle! We’re returning to the castle! We’re returning to the castle! The growing hostility between the two Turkmen beys must come to an end. There is always only one way to do this.

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Take the girl and give the girl.

It hinders my trade! I go to war with my mortal enemy, get in my way, and prevent it! Otherwise, this Osman is enough of their brains! How long will he stand in front of Obam’s future? Edebali ah! He would not come across. Ah he would not intervene Edebali ah! I missed the opportunity to take revenge on Togay! I missed the opportunity to cut that leggy push throat! Did you see what happened, Osman Brain, that you kept defending? Did you see how he prevented me from rising in the eyes of the Turkmen beys? Are we going to attach this man to our prosperity? My Bey Osman, the brain problem is not to prevent you from rising. What is it? He got up and told him one by one so that we could understand his purpose. With the Seljuk sultan- Enough! Let me retreat to my tent with your permission. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu Dubbing. Let me come at a time when you are ready to hear the truth. Malhun! I’m taking back all the alps I put at your disposal! You will not interfere with anything from now on! I will also be in charge of the Alps.

Do flowers bloom, Kumral Abdal?

Now your permission! Spring is coming, my dear. How my Lord spreads his adornments on the ground. I hope this hostility between Osman and Umur Bey will end, and spring will come to the Turkmen camps, my Shaykh. If the trees don’t shed their secrets, will spring come? Mr. Osman must do the hard thing. He must open the secret he has loaded to the flower he has raised on his breast. Obviously, my sheikh is afraid of telling his secret and hurting that flower. Does spring come without injury, Kumral Abdal

Why do you grieve?

The test of both Osman Bey and his soul and soul is great. They will be patient, they will be wounded and they will heal their wounds. There is no other way left. I have no intention of seeking anyone else, Bala, as there is no one else in my heart but you. You are my prayer. Be you, son, is the will of Allah. Is the power of a dagger wound enough to separate us while we love each other so much? My Bala. You sit. You sit. How long have you been here sir? I used to watch you too. The peace that comes with gold will be spoiled by blood. This time, even Mongolian puppet sultan Mesut will not be able to save Osman.

Be patient victory will come always

Bring me some wine. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu Dubbing Now I will be patient, patient and wait. I will wait for Umur to tuck his tail and come to my feet. You go back to your castle and wait for my command. When my master is also a son, he will be proud, too. Sir. If you don’t have a son, I am the reason. If you don’t have an heir to be proud of, it’s because your chick couldn’t give. While talking about your father Ertuğrul Gazi, I saw how his eyes laughed. Being a father is your right, even your duty, to leave an heir to our father. I remember my father’s will. It is also in the square that the time has come.

Why did you get distracted?

I’m afraid that you might annoy the spirits, Togay. Until this land is a grave for the corpses of either of us and sacrificed to the souls, my oath will wait. Only blood protects us from the wrath of spirits. Osman will send an envoy. He will once again reveal his loyalty to us. Be patient. Go now. You will not interfere with anything from now on! I will also be in charge of the Alps. You will sit in your tent like other hooves! I’m going to sit in my tent like that? Is there any deck? Come on.

What is the condition of my Alps?

Since I will not fight, I will not have the reward of gas then, should I melt it in fires and make jewelry out of its steel. Or should I find a junk dealer and sell it for nothing? How about that? He is the sharpest pusat of the Red bey sons. Do not worry, your father will abandon this decision. I will talk to them while they are ready. Hallelujah. Health to your hands Bala chick. It’s good when we haven’t had a feast like this for a long time. Boran alp has been telling how long it has been. However, I cannot cook game meat as well as my Bala.

Bon Appetit. I also learned from Akça and Pehlivan dervishes in the dervish lodge. Osman, you have not been hunting for a long time. Doesn’t it always count as a hunt, my Bala? One day, when I was younger, I went hunting with my father. However, it was the first time we were going to shoot prey while on a horse like this. Then my father started talking. He said that you will stand up on a horse like this. “You will grasp the horse well with your feet,” he said. Then he said, then you will have an eye on your prey. After that, you will speed up, you will speed up, pull the arrow, pull back your bow, and shoot your target.

How proud the late Ertuğrul Gazi is with you, my lord.

Then we found the gazelle and my father went after him. He started doing as he told. Then he said now it’s your turn. However, he said, this job requires experience. Then we went through the forests with my father, passed through the streams, came to a great valley. We drove the gazelle there. Then I locked on it, prepared my arrow, pulled my bow and hit it with a kick. My father was surprised, he said hit him. You showed me daddy, too. I said you showed it and I shot it. My father told this to my brothers all night. You showed it and I shot it.

What did Togay say?

Osman can not be a father. I paid tax to Togay. He is so sure of himself that he thinks he is the only ruler of Bithynia. Is it just Bithynia? What else can be expected from the hunting dog of Geyhatu, who thinks he is the ruler of the whole world? After his visit to Konya, he said that Osman was also subject to the Mongols. So it is. Osman must have persuaded the sultan. The Sultan is also the Mongolian governor. The problem of the sultan is to protect his throne. Geyhatu is like a bankrupt merchant.

Both need gold to protect their throne. Neither Osman nor anyone else even cares about it. They have only one problem, gold. Are we going to pay the taxes until our marrow exploits our bones? How long will this last like this, Nikola? If there is peace between Togay and Osman, our duty is to break that peace. Isn’t it to set the two against each other, Jason? How will you do this? Umur sir. We will once again hope for help from a coward who cannot even come to the trap we set. Is that so? Osman must have prevented it.

What happens if Umur attacks Togay?

But this does not end the hatred of Umur and Togay in him. As I care about you with greed, sooner or later it will fall into my palms. How will you get between Togay and Osman? Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu Dubbing. Umur is under the auspices of Osman, whether he accepts it or not. How much longer do you think a gentleman, who is fond of his honor and ambition, can bear Osman? A question for you, Yason. Since he is subject to Umur Osman, Osman will be responsible for this attack. Well done. Well Who will Togay ask to account for this? Osman To Osman.

Togay issue with the sultan in Konya

You, that burning heart do not think like that and burn more, my Bala. Do not burn everything, everything will come to be. I know you will make the best decision. You obviously think about who will be the least upsetting girl for Bala. That’s why you delay this decision. I know that too. However, I am willing. I am satisfied with my destiny, so you should know that. We have made a decision on how to deal with the Togay issue with the sultan in Konya. Now is the time to send an envoy to Togay and talk to him. I will assign Göktuğ for this task. Your command is over my head, lord. As you ordered, Sir, we have prepared the places where the refugees will stay in Söğüt. Thank you, but that job is not finished. You can help them settle down.

Take care of what they lack and what they need. You have your order, sir. Gentlemen, I would like to consult with you on an important matter. Tell me, Mr. Osman, we will listen to you. Although this may seem like a personal issue, it actually concerns the future of Kayi. You are also aware of our ongoing disagreements with Mr. Umur. Şeyh Edebali with Malhun babes to finalize these disputes says I have to marry. It will be a political marriage, but I wanted to hear your opinion. Thank you, thank you Osman Bey. If this marriage is going to keep Umur brainwash next to us, of course, it is auspicious. Malhun chick is also worthy of you and noble. However, Mr. Osman, it is easy for us to say this, it is difficult for you to rule. Malhun chick has always been with you, Mr. Osman.

This is both about the flying fire coming from İnegöl and the war

We fought shoulder to shoulder. If you need a crown prince, then it is appropriate for the mother of that crown prince to be a warrior and noble just like his father. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu Dubbing And even it is obligatory. This will remain with us for now. Of course, it will definitely remain among us. Mr. Osman, I see that you know the best of this job. But I see again that you worry about upsetting Bala chick. Mr. Osman, delaying is not beneficial for both of you.

Say it as soon as possible and take this burden off your shoulders. I will go on a hunt today, Mr. Bamsi, I will make my decision after returning from there. Thank you, good luck about you. Amine. According to the Alaca chick, there are alps for me to resist the order of Umur brain. Besides, their numbers were quite high. Is it true, Rashid? It is true! We’ll be at your disposal for as long as we know. At my command, Umur Bey is under the banner. Especially who are you with me? I want to see. You stood behind us at every mistake. You cure some of our illnesses, you helped some of us get married. We are with you. Goodness is unforgettable. We are steel pusats waiting for your order to unsheathe, Malhun chick.

Are the steel posts waiting for my command?

What should I do? What can I do with the pusat that comes out of its sheath against the brain today! Malhun girl. The Alps! Take a look around you, Alps! Hope you are in the brain. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu Dubbing Everybody gathers their minds! The head of this boy is Umur! It is not for anyone to oppose his order! Know it like this! If anyone breaks the word Umur brain, first of all my steel pusat will unsheath! Black Osman! Black Osman! No, Kumral Abdal. What are you looking at? Is there any human being other than me who will call you Black Osman in the big camp?

There is no such thing. You should say so. Why are you calling like that? Tell us to know. You went hunting. Yeah. E mountains have missed me. He he. I also missed the sound of the forest and the shadow of the mountains. Let him say come on too, Kumral, come with you and with us. Lets! Well then, you can come too. Do not let these mountains be orphaned. Hah now it happened. You, the disgrace of the Balgina. Traitor! Stop! Cerkutay Look at you. You betrayed the laws of Genghis Khan. Turks made you mankurt. Cerkutay pledged allegiance to Allah’s laws. Camoha We came as Osman’s brain ambassador. Call it. Camoha, you won’t see any stupidity from us like the messenger you sent. Shut up! Watch me. Brothers, you stay here. By order of the Seljuk sultan, Osman Beyim will pay his tax to the Seljuks.

What did you do, Kumral Abdal?

Osman finally found the right way in his own way. If gold is to come, we do not care where it comes from. Ha Osman Bey, from the sultan draft. We will continue to charge taxes until your marrow is dry. Every breath you take is taxable. Just like Osman Bey is subject to me, Geyhatu. Sir Osman wanted you to know that you will stick to our agreement. Tell Osman Bey, if he wants to breathe in those lands, he will continue to be subject. The shadow of my sword, my anger will stand on your neck like a death sentence. Don’t forget that, go now. I Say to the Bey of Osman, Black Shaman Togay will also be loyal to the agreement.

Let him wait for the day when I burn him alive. Our informal hunt will not be able to smell our scent. Lets. He was both wounded and awful, my lord. Was it wretched? God’s beauty fell into trouble. Kumral Abdal is your hunting lesson and you waste our time. Sorry, sir. Excuse me. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu Dubbing I wanted us not to spoil the generation of these gazelles around here. Do they hunt a lot? What is possible to trace them? Its ears are sharper than the wolf’s ears, its eyes are sharper than the eagle’s eyes. They can smell the hunters from far away. Hunting these gazelles is only the job of master hunters like you. So why do they go extinct? An illness occurred in the female gazelles, sir.

Once upon a time, they wandered in large flocks.

You are my black love, girl. If Allah does not give us a child, I am happy with him. They are now sporadically visible. The descendants of our ancestor Süleyman, son of Kutalmış, who conquered İznik at the time, because the beauty of the nobility of forests came from them they called them the sultan of the forest. These beauties created by Allah are fading one by one, sir. These gazelles are the most noble beauty the forest has ever seen. His men are brave and warrior. He protects his flock like a wolf. Nowadays they live like a sweet memory. Let’s arrive, find another prey for ourselves, sir. I’ll find a new prey for you, sir. After all, these forests, these mountains, these slopes are my home.

How did the hunt go?

You go after the Alps, don’t put it alone. Malhun girl. Malhun babe, what are you doing here? Help me Lord. Help me. My heart is an anvil, my mind is a hammer. I’m stuck between the two. My God. Save me from this state, O Lord. My God! I haven’t heard it coming, sir. Welcome. The hunter and the gazelle an old story. You don’t want to hit. But you have to hit it. If you have to shoot, you will, Osman. Before hitting you will look into the gazelle’s eyes. I have made up my mind. Come on, my Bala, come on. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu Dubbing To give a heir to the Kayi obese I will have a new wedding. You made a good and right decision, Mr. Osman.

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