Kurulus Osman Seaaon 2 Episode 144 Urdu Dubbed By Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Seaaon 2 Episode 144

The future. Hopefully. Sisters, this is the case of subjection. The time will come for all of them, all of them! Until that time comes, you too might be an affected person, family. Especially inform them approximately tolerance. These posts would not endure properly on my Bamsı Bey’s midriff. Hi there. Yeah.

Rest in peace. Haven’t you doused them with blood,

They’ll atrophy, own family. Also, allow Osman Bey to run from battle to conflict, he’s going to constantly remain sharp. E Boran, you stated subjection, you said battle, you excited us all. Especially in case, you hit the line of the kopuz. Huh? Yeah. Let it hit. Yeah. Bayport. Lets. Oh my god bro. Well executed, Boran family. You should not eat CerkutayAssalamu aleykum ve rahmatullah. Assalamu aleykum ve rahmatullah. My god.

Accept my gratefulness to you for the proper

the glory of your majesty, the proper of the topmost name, the right of your prophets, the proper of the mild of your dad and mom, the proper of the blood of your killers. I’ve no deed that deserves your justice. Treat me together with your mercy. O, excellent Lord. You’re suitable of everything. Grant us the functionality to conquer the traps set by way of the disbeliever with your assist. I opened my hands to praise you. Accept it, O Lord. O proprietor of all parcels, the gasoline I’ve made is for you.

Kurulus Osman Seaaon 2 Episode 144 Urdu Dubbed By Geo TV


To make your noble call dominate the world. To attain this blessed dream, give me and my technology energy, O Lord. Give me strength, O Lord, to overcome the questioner. Give us power, O Lord, to thieve the traps they set for us. Palm is yours. You make us triumphant. Amine. Selam aleykum. Aleykum salam. Aleykum salam. Inform your Osman Bey. We’ve a gift. Thanks. You recovered snappily, pastor. I saw you properly. Thank you.

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