Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11 With Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11

Sancak Bey

Listen to me carefully, Mr. Osman! Be my Sancak Bey. Make your world shiver. You are not a Sancak Bey to yourself. You look for a dog that will tie a collar around your neck like Alişar. The word comes out of Balgay’s mouth once. When it rises, the holy mountains tremble. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11 With Urdu Dubbed. Mountains and stones come to their knees. Every castle, every city And finally Constantine. Your appetite dazzles so many fools. But the blood in my vein I will teach you that you will not submit to anyone forever. How dare you? Passing in front of me Where do you get the power to cut the pledges, Osman Bey? To me Obey Osman! Obey that. Not the goat smell of the Alps You will fatten the smell of blood.

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I will make you lick the mud in my drawing, Turk! You manage with it. Dundar, my day! Bamsı Bey Where is Osman? How is my brother, Bamsı? He talks to Balgay. Obviously, Balgay has a desire in Osman. What is the mood in my daytime? Oba is in place. However, his honor was destroyed. I do not know how to live with this black destiny, Mr. Bamsı. Watch now Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11 in Urdu Dubbing. Shut up, walk! Get ready. We will attack with our teeth with our nails and take their. If necessary, we can go to Osman. You keep your eyes peeled. You can wait here. Either die with your alps Or may your soul be glorified in this land.

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 11 With Urdu Dubbing

[bzplayer hls=”https://aspb25.cdn.asset.aparat.com/aparat-video/01d012d9998a1fd6df072a3be413d98d31178209-480p.apt/chunk.m3u8″ id=”https://aspb25.cdn.asset.aparat.com/aparat-video/01d012d9998a1fd6df072a3be413d98d31178209-480p.apt/chunk.m3u8″]

Joyful You are our child with your mistake. You are our dear. Thank God you, my Lord, Mind Literally Decorated with clean heart. We would like Keep them. Not for ourselves either We would love for you again. My father! I will be a victim to you. Even my breath hurts when you turn away. My lung burns. You are entrusted to me by my Lord And you are your gift, Bala.

Balgay  vs Edebalı

Your heart is pure. Your intention is pure. I know. That he will strive not to deviate directly from now on I am very sure. Do you see if it sucks our black fortune? We were captured in our own homeland. Most of all These mountains are my heart, my nephew. I could not take care of my brother’s trust. Luckily Or freedom! Kill him! I will make hair from his skin to my pusat. He wanted Balgay Edebalı.

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