Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 17 In Hindi Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 17


I have a question. As we struggle to make our homeland safe what will be the state of this world? Everything was destroyed. Messages economic crises political showdowns people are anxious timid and sad. The army of justice in the struggle as much as the sons of the devil did not dare. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 17 with Hindi Urdu Dubbed. The army of justice has fallen into disarray. He lost his sincerity. The devil’s sons who find the square empty attacked to end humanity. But hearth of justice informality is full again. Starboard will rise from where it fell. The world will regain order. This illness, by Allah’s leave will crush the devil’s army. If we do the defense from inside the obel it means we’ve lost the war from the beginning. Our alps will hold the four hills around us.

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 17 In Hindi Urdu Dubbed

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What is the situation in Söğüt?

Obaya in case of a sudden raid our alps from the creek bed and they will support the oba by sneaking out of the forest. You will have your order, Gündüz. What is the situation in Söğüt, Mr. Bamsı? Mr. Gündüz, I placed the alps in Söğüt as you ordered. They are prepared for Balgay’s raid. Thank you, Bamsı Bey. This with this Kurna Hill We also placed alps on Şahin Hill.

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Non to the tears of anyone entering Söğüt will not be looked after. Thank you Bamsı Bey. Mr. He Gündüz If Abdurrahman Gazi brought Dündar Bey let’s perform the funeral prayer informally. Abdurrahman Gazi has not arrived yet Bamsı Bey. What do you say, Mr. Gündüz? Şuncacık is the road. Don’t let anything happen to them. Let me arrive and ask the alps. Sir Alişar Bey was approaching the camp with the Seljuk soldiers.  Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 17 In Hindi Urdu Dubbed .Only that push head comes out of here. My Batur don’t leave me and go, baby. Don’t go, my beautiful son. Don’t leave me baby.

Mongolian Balgay

Take me too. Take me too son. If my brother Batur knew that he was going to Mongolian Balgay asked for help would she ever look at her face? What would she say? I say hush. No, I won’t be silent. If you hadn’t put forward Gündüz Bey maybe my brother was alive now. My brother died because of you. It happened because of you. What good is it if you shut me up now? Hush hush. I say shut up, shut up! Get out! I will not put us next to those who threw us like cotton wool. May God take my life if I was the reason. But I swear I will not quit without getting revenge.

Gentleman Gündüz Bey

I came to your Oban as a starboard gentleman Gündüz. That killed my Alps that made me read Are not you Alişar Bey? Now it is in front of me with a Mongolian edict that is not worth as much as shoddy in my eyes do you expect me to respect? Alişar Bey this post is the post of my Ertuğrul Bey. To settle the one who pushes the Mongolian useless. My God to glorify your name I set out with your name.

I raised my head to my cruel only if you I only expect your pleasure. What about divine in my ceng with kufar do not hurt me. Don’t be surprised out of my way. Take action from the hapless in pursuit of fame and fame. Me and my generation make it majestic and wise. May the oppressed who hears our name find calm. The cruel who hears our prayers let it be.

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