Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20

What if it turns out we did? If we were afraid that what we were doing would come out our hair would not move. Contrarily it will certainly be heard someday will be known. Don’t you understand? You have completed the task left unfinished by our martyr Aybars. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 Urdu Dubbed. For us beech fortune thank you for the future of our children. Otherwise, what would we have to do with this poor. Do not get offended. You did the right thing. I’m behind you. Let’s. We went out to gather herbs. The back of the car is loaded. If anyone asks, we will not be a liar. It became clear that you are now the daughter of Dündar Bey.

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 Urdu Dubbed

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My smart girl. Did you bring the bell? I brought it mother. You they will wait on the rocky side of the stream. When you get close, you ring this bell. When he heard the answer you will find those waiting. Let’s. May your way be clear and be entrusted to Allah. Tell me now. Batur Who killed? Batur He. who killed Batur His life did not survive. He died poor. My day someone died let’s not be from someone.

You be calm, son. In Hindi Urdu Dubbed. Bamsı Bey this is Saltuk we’ll throw it to the bottom of my suck’s knee. Let’s see did he know about the betrayal we will see if it was not there. We throw, son. We throw you be calm. May you calm down my day. Geyhatu is after a dark game. Coiled into Byzantium in alliance with a dirty building.

Margarite Monks

The name of this ominous organization Margarite Monks. It is this organization that also confounded the misery of Yannez and Sofia. Geyhatu through this organization keeping business with himself wants to place a secret name on the Byzantine throne. Learn this name and the only thing to do in response to a possible. Turkish massacre in the extreme to raid them when they gather. Give your order, sir. Let’s cut them all with our plowshares. What is the doubt, brother Konur? Not that you will not come. I will go. Sir we would not put you alone in such a dangerous task.

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Emir cuts the iron, Boran brother. I said you will not come. You will go to my brother to the camp. You too you will take care of Kongar. Both who said I was alone? In this important task I will also have a companion. And especially sir who will be the brave who will be with you? He gave his life to his ceremony a great warrior. As well as someone big enough to infiltrate these monks. Everything has a duty in the universe. Lightning strikes. The sky roars. The water flows.

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