Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 110 With Urdu Dubbed By Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 110

If it does not narrow the spirit of my sheikh. If my father shrinks, he will send it with his brother. Do not worry about it. Mom, stop Is there no one to help you? But if Alişar befitting a man like you, never be missing. Help the mother to her home. God bless you are there anybody like you left? The mind whose inhabitants have no peace. It does not have loyalty either. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 110 With Urdu Dubbed By Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 110 With Urdu Dubbed By Geo TV

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Bala Hatun

A smile One look Vestal will be the seed of hope in my garden. You can put it hard, Mr. Alişar. It is not called the rose of the garden without consent. I’ll wait, Bala Hatun. I repeat while waiting  heaven-faced I’m so busy with you. I don’t even remember myself. You cross the border, Alişar Bey. Unfit! I said. I would say there is no more. We broke Gündüz’s arm and wing on the command. He has already arrived at the camp. Let’s arrive then and get well soon. Let’s say the evil of Alişar Bey Good luck. Osman. This is an antichrist.

Yannis Gündüz’s arm.

He threw me into Alisar’s hand. Alişar Bey will not leave this job behind. Thanks to Yannis, we infiltrated Alişar Bey’s mind. In all the decision, he made after that. It will serve us. The balances are delicate. Even a haircut is important. Selamun aleykum. And hi hello. You will be feared for Allah. You pierced the mountain. The running water did not catch any algae. Osman Bey’s is not flowing. Come to me! We’re just getting started, brothers. God willing We will break down all the dams we come across.

Alişar Bey

Are you hungry my lion? We Shoulder to shoulder. As long as we give it back to back. Nobody can stand in front of us. As for Alişar Bey. It is about to arrive at the camp now. He will raise his reputation in the record with his mind. How is she doing, chick? Its pulse beats slowly. I didn’t say next to Ayşe Hatun, but His condition is bad. I pulled out all four arrows but My Bey, Alişar Bey comes to our army with his soldiers. Alişar Bey, mind you. He will attempt to intimidate the Kayı. Dündar will foam when he learns that we bought the gold. Emmim, loyalty to kayı is not discussed. But his prudence is lacking. He cannot see beyond. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 110 With Urdu Dubbed. He will think that we have acted forbidden. But not unfair, sir. He does not know that the gold is from the Mongolian.

What happened to Gündüz

But he knows that Alişar Bey is a Mongolian dog. So that Nizam will not be shaken Obedience also insists. We We will overcome the dirty traps one by one. We will take it from the cruel and give it to the innocent. Not those who obey ikbale. It determines the shields. I heard what happened to Gündüz. My heart is broken. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 110 With Urdu Dubbed By Geo TV. I came for the past. A heroic ambush was set up, Alişar Bey. How is his condition? His wound is deep Who did it? We’re looking for a trail. Soon her face is revealed. But whoever did this He will pay the price very heavily. Cut it out, Dündar! I had Gündüz read! In my land In My Caravanserai Did you go out for a mare? We’re not marauding. Thank you Alişar! On the gas!

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