Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 127 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 127

No, OsmanBey.When I drew close to her, she got the thumb ring of the killer. and did not tell me, huh? Why did you conceal it from me? It was apparent that the owner of the ring was genuinely not a common man yet abey! I would not like to place you and her in a delicate situation before I allowed the issue over. What would you say you’re in any event, saying, UmurBey? Do you know how frequently I got trapped and what number of saints I lost? because I was unfit to discover the double-crosser since Potter Idrisdied?I lost Bayhoca as a saint in the snare of MountArmenia!What would you say you’re in any event, talking about? Neither your little girl nor you acted friendly. Both my association and enmity have a price! If she had given me the ring, in any case, Bayhoca wouldn’t be underground now! When I was after the trickster, you were conveying in your belt.OsmanBey.

These words are delicate swallow! Could we talk,

OsmanBey?I’ll discourse with you when it’s time. Now do to consider the expirations you caused with your father. What kind of allegation is that, Osman Bey? What are you stowing down under your tongue? What about the effects you stowed down from me? What did I stow down from you? Nobody yet that double-crosser should draw close to me today. unless they need to encounter my wrath! Bring uncle Dundar to me! Drag him on the off chance that you have to! He has relatively lately got in the dervish hold up, my. Surround the dervish lodge! Find him! Common! Let’s go, Mounts’You check upstairs. He is not then, my. He is one. Look each over the place! Each over the place!-EyvAllah, my Bey. -Quick!Common!Do not let him run away! Come on, siblings!-

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 127 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV


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We looked each over the place.

Dundar Bey is not here.OsmanBey.MySheikh.Forgive me. I left untimely. And also, I demanded to get the dervish hold unchecked. It was not a commodity we desired. But I comprehend your concern. Obviously, you discovered the fabricator who put fire in your home. Now it’s an ideal occasion to make him address the cost of business, mySheikh.Boran, you stay then. We are inside seeing mySheikh.In his presence, I would rather not begetunrest. This thumb ring. Why do you have it? If you have had it for such a long time. why did not you tell me? Thanks to Allah, I’ve words to say, OsmanBey.

Let’s head off to someplace different than.

Forgive us, mySheikh.my boys. You didn’t. get welcome to this dervish lodge. so that your contention would get farther or your disdain would change into hostility. Do not pressure, mySheikh.But.But reason. I would rather not bomb respect. Then let what’s to happen. And go over your premises.BismillahirRahmanirRahim.The bolt which was centered around for PotterIdris.obviously caught in Osman Bey, KumralAbdal.

Osman Bey will take that bolt off his psyche, mySheikh.

But I do not have indeed the outermost indication how he can stop the blood.» *-Is Osman Bey outside?- Yea, DundarBey.UmurBey!Tell me now. How did you get this thumbing?It was my son Malhun Hatun who plant that thumbring.How? She plant it while they were following the bolt that hit the pottertraitor. We followed the way toward the way where the bolt came from. It’s certain that the way will not give us anything.MalhunHatun!Tell me. Is there anything that we fail to see?

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