Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 128 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 128 Urdu

Goktug, accompany me.

The Alps, we are going? You won’t let a raspberry fly! Hold all the gates! Come on! Who’s the double-crosser who made Osman Bey so furious? He discovered who was the owner of the thumb ring. But he did not tell me. He did not need it to be heard before he got the traitor.Malian.You go to the Kayitribe. I do not actually feel that Osman Bey needs to see me in his tribe. Explain to him why you gave me the thumb ring. Our reasons will make him angrier. Yes, they will.But.In the interim, you’ll discover who the trickster is. Do not trouble, my Bey. My men will convey your textures to your home, evelAllah. – Come formerly more. -Thanks. Come again. BoranAlp. I have exceptionally decent textures from Konya as a present for your stun. Come, I will likewise make a rebate for you, brother.

Have you seen Dundar Bey? He was simply then, but.

He is gone to the hostel to see the family members of saintalps. Take care! What is continuing, Petrus? I did not watch for the manner in which Boran Alplooked. Dundar should be in trouble. However, If Osman has suspected something.it implies we’re in a tough situation as well. What are we going to do? Improve the measures. We need to discover what’s going on. You called us, OsmanBey. Take a seat first. This thumbing.once upon a time.was given to my uncle by my pater as a present.Yes.It should be Dundar Bey’s first battle. He took it off his cutlet and gave it to his brother. Those old great days. Grandma Hayme enlightened me concerning. What a fight it was! Do you recall, brother? Yes. Of course, I do. Grandmother, Hayme heard that uncle Dundar was abducted in that battle.

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She told with gashes what passed in the tribe. It tore our hearts out.

May Allah favor their spirits and let their place be Heaven!-Amen. -Amen. I wish. my grandma’s gashes had dried up. and this thumb ring of my father’s. would be proper. around uncle Dundar’sneck!What are you saying, OsmanBey?My uncle.was an injury in my pater’sheart.He tore our hearts out.  My uncle. may all Beys’revile including my Oghuz precursor be on him! Osman Bey.

What happened?

You could noway damn someone.OsmanBey.You aren’t giving solace to your pater and your precursors in their graves!OsmanBey.How could your tableware lingo that showed your charity to the people say these things? I want I came speechless. and had not expressed those effects, BamsiBey.My brother. We do not have an indication of what passed, tell us.

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