Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 129 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 129 Urdu

Allah made me the alternate way around. My heart is on the right side. Did not I let you know that Cerkutay wouldn’t? Let’s do this to check if any of them went out. What passed, you insane girl? I see teardrops on your lashes.The dust got in my eyes. Come on. Are you going to set down like a cow or fight? Let’s! Let go! You hit my stock from his heart! Here’s my heart! Your stock got what he deserved. It s your turn now. The burrows exploded, sir. What do you mean?-They did, sir. What are you saying? All of our soldiers were there, sir. The burrows were converted into their graves. We’ll step back. We’re going back! There are no survivors. All questioners demurred the pail. -It was a pristine demise for them.Cerkutay got grimy a piecebut.

It’s good. Maybe he washes himself this time.

I just washed. I was going through a frozen lake. The ice was broken and I fell into it. It was a couple of springs ago. All of the dead soldiers will be covered by their strict commitments. We’ll discourse with the priest.EyvAllah money. Let’s take a quick trip and see Osman Bey. We should! We’re going back! We’re going back! Why are we venturing back? We might have crushed them! In any case, Osman explored the tunnels. Thank You, YaRabbi.Thanks, to you.Thanks to You for saving my life, OsmanBey.The Alps of two clans joined together and we set the heathens straight Alhamdulillah.

May our association be noway- ending. -May it be.

The game is demolished! Questioners got suffocated in their own blood. Sogut, where they came to annihilate is presently their graveyard! We’re showing further exertion every day, and our triumphs alarm the infidels!Our way will be the system of triumph, and our names will be Victors until the religion is Islam and until the state has a place with Turks!Allah-u EkberlAllah-uEkber!poriff al dead dogfaces.1 Olen nokerlerimizin kullerinial.Dark shaman today.Santo.

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