Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 131 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 131 Urdu

I give evidence Muhammad (SAW). From now on, this put will be calledDogpit.My brother.My brother. who turned Ikizce Hill. into our country with his own blood.In the name of Allah. Do not be stressing at all. My brother.My Bey, reason. She left without telling anyone. Malhun Hatun has a sharp brand and she got prepared by you.Yes.Yes.Come on. You know. You just take the commodity to give the commodity better reverse.

You took my Bayhoca fromme

You took my Bayhoca from me.Amen.Son of ErtugrulGhazi.MySavci.Get over, mySavci.You said you would be back. He realizes he lost his father. Hold on. Please, my. We’ve such a large number of martyrs. Too many.my boys.To fete this mama and hatun of a saint and our saints as a whole, will not ever be forgotten by our family indeed times later. My stock daring Savci Bey got off his red- unexpectedly strong contender and turned into a martyr. He demurred and hit his blade on the dim religious heathens! With our grieving now we should. Make arrangements for all martyrs. Thanks, to Allah. Come in. Of course, you didn’t, my. became a martyr? First his whoreson, presently his stock, huh?


Those who win the dateless life can no way lose.

Now how about we bid farewell to Kayi’s noteworthy and sincere child.”He Who made a fire for you from (wood of a green tree from which you fuel fires.When He wills anything, His main order is to say,” Be!” and it comes into being. Kainattaki button her§ eyuzermde. Pure is that Being in Whose hand lies the arm of everything, and to Whom you’ll be generally returned (after death).” my boys. You all have come then and participated in our sorrow. One of them is still alive. We’ll not specify his name. My Sheik, he did not have a land a store or a fortune of abey. He gave everything except the right of his child andhatun.

An inconceivable victory! I was not sure why.

Togay stepped back from the frontal line, OsmanBey.Osman Bey, you appear to know what the explanation is. You can move to gay. Looking like you obey. Either acting as though you obey. But if Togay had joined the fight, no one might have suspected the result. This would one say one is of the primary principles that my ghazi father showed me.EvelAllah.And no one will. Come in, BalaHatun.May Allah be satisfied with you as well, LenaHatun.I’ll miss your pitiful dark eyes?

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