Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 133 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 133 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

It s the talent of Sultan Alaaddin who used to sit on that lofty position periods ago to myfather.Why are you giving me our Sultan’s significantgift?The worth of that gift can’t be estimated with the gems onit.It must be estimated with the significance of this express that was worked by SultanAlaaddin.I demanded you to keepit.Keep it, so you’ll constantly recall the significance of yourstate.GovernorYargucu.So oneself appointed Osman, who’s called Gokboru by Togay isyou.It’ll not wind up great since Governor Yargucu got in the room without requesting recompense,

Boran. Be ready. Brother.

On the off chance that we’d t be suitable to kill ten men, may the honor of being an Peak be taken fromus.Yes,brother.Governor Yargucu, you admired us with yourpresence.I’ve effects to ask OsmanBey.You guaranteed Togay that you would attune still at that point killed mymessenger.Do you know what it’ll bring, OsmanBey?I need to have a deep understanding of this, OsmanBey.That snake who was in disguise of a courier tried to kill me with adagger.You’relying!My Sultan, in myopinion.Togay was crushed by his displeasure and killed that courier who was transferred back from ourtribe.Togay is not so distant, do to askhim.I assured my roof s honor and my life as aBey.

I should’ve killed him yet I saved his life. It’s not my issue now.

Did my courier bid to kill you since he heard that he’ll not be getting the gold?My Sultan, as you presumably are apprehensive, we do not kill messengers.What about thetax?Do you need me to come and exfoliate your blood and subsequently take it, Osman Bey?. you mutiny and do not cover your assessment, killing you and taking your wares will be my obligation, realize that, OsmanBey.Do not you make an inversedecision.I would prefer not to exfoliate the blood of an honorable Bey who’s from myfamily.

I determined what should have been told to Osman Bey.

Would you like to say commodity, Governor Yargucu? * Perhaps the stylish thing is to kill the Gokboru then, before he trials to kill my soldiers with histeeth.Crushing the head of Gokboru when it’s still little, ornot.Geyhatus choice is known, GovernorYargucu.First the gold of assessment, also, at that point, theorder.We can not abandon gold andorder.You saved your actuality with gold, OsmanBey.


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