Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 134 Urdu

He’s advising us to shoot it on theway.What are we going to do, my Bey?-What do you mean,Bahadir?Go and illuminate my stalwart Mounts. Presently our blades will be out forrevenge.Yes, myBey.MyBey., would you say you’re certain? Nikola may be playing agame.Do not stress. We’ll take ourprecautions.It was clear that these sissies planned to do commodity like this, myBey.Destur!Alps. Put your bladesdown.It s such a fortuitous event, Osman Bey. Presently I am calm, mybrother.We’ll hit that opprobriousTogay.who instantly assaulted and exfoliate our blood indeed before we completed the process of getting comfortable ourtribe.

My Bey, is it right to do this without Osman Bey’sknowledge?It’s governmental issues to align with Nikola to assault Togay, Malhun.Besides, I needn’t bother with Osman Bey s authorization to assault my topmostenemy.Alps.It appears you did not rest atall. Goktug and I ropped our snoozes posterior to seeing what charge gatherer Mongoldid.It appears you ropped your rest as well, myBey.There are stacks of Mongols then, my Bey. We got stressed that they may assaultyou.Our Sultan is hanging tight for you, OsmanBey.Alright.Alps. – Bring the presents. – Do not bother.Let’s go then.Osman Bey needs to see ourSultan.

You’ll give your brand first. You’ll give your brand first.

You’ll bow, and subsequently head outside, myBey.Do not talk before our Sultan permits you.Do not probe the eyes of our Sultan, it’s arule.Our Sultan is at the contrary side of the door.Thedoor!Kayi Bey, Ertugrul Gazi’s child, OsmanBey.You came then with gifts, OsmanBey.We’d not like to come then with void hands, since you transferred us akhilat.There are the gifts of Turk Beys on my homes in these chests.What’s this?

Thank your sultan.

Pay your charges to Togay when possible. YargucuI’ll not pay my duty toTogay.but to mySultan.I’ve the obligation, GovernorYargucu.I could not watch less with respects to who settles my duty, I simply watch about it stime.But on the off chance that I can not get the payment.then you’ll pay for that, SultanMesut.Is there whatever differently you might want to say, Osman Bey?. I gave the cutter of SultanAlaaddin.to wronghands.However, my Sultan, If you permitme.Osman Bey–Everything is said, mySultan.However, let it drain outside, If our hearts can not tellsomething.

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