Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 135 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 135 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

The lay relies uponAllah.MyBey.Let’s go to thetribe.Let’s go to thetribe.Do I’ve concurrence my Bey?- Comein.My Bey, it’s fromNikola.What does Nikola say, myBey?He says that he’ll get charges fromYarhisar.Nikola is revealing us theroute. It’s politics to ally with Nikola to attack Togay, Malhun.Besides, I don’t need Osman Bey s permission to attack my biggest enemy.Alps.It seems you didn’t sleep at all.Goktug and I sacrificed our sleeps after seeing what tax-collector Mongol did.It seems you sacrificed your sleep too, my Bey.There are lots of Mongols here, my Bey. We got worried that they might attack you.Our Sultan is waiting for you, Osman Bey.Alright.Alps.-Bring the presents.-Don’t bother

Let’s go then.Osman Bey wants to see our Sultan.

You will give your swords first.You will give your swords first.You will kneel, and then go inside, my Bey.Don’t speak before our Sultan allows you.Don’t look into the eyes of our Sultan, it’s a rule.Our Sultan is at the other side of the door.The door!Kayi Bey, Ertugrul Gazi’s son, Osman Bey.You came here with gifts, Osman Bey. We didn’t want to come here with empty hands, since you sent us a khilat.There are the gifts of Turk Beys on my lands in these chests.What is this?

Put your swords down.It s such a coincidence, Osman Bey.

Now I’m at ease, my brother.We will hit that ignoble Togay….who immediately attacked and shed our blood even before we finished settling in our tribe.My Bey, is it right to do this without Osman Bey’s knowledge? What does Nikola say, my Bey?He says that he will get taxes from Yarhisar.Nikola is reporting us the route.He is telling us to shoot it on the way.What are we going to do, my Bey?-What do you mean, Bahadir?Go and inform my valiant Alps. Now our swords will be out for revenge.Yes, my Bey.My Bey., are you sure? Nikola might be playing a game.Don’t worry. We will take our precautions.It was obvious that these dastards were going to do such a thing, my Bey.Destur!Alps

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