Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 138 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 138 Urdu

Do not you know what that means? Osman raised a red flag.

and Togay will demolish Kayitribe. Do I need to remind you who let you attack that throne? Of course, Osman Bey made a major mistake. While I’m encircled by my adversaries and otherBeylics.I can not stand a mob at the line of the west. I need to brush off Osman By myself. How are you going to do that, SultanMesut?Are you going to shoot your Seljuq fortified force on him?

A fortified force for a clan Bey will be too much.

it’ll bring almost. I am sure, you dislike Geyhatus assessments to be spent on this. Then?I’ll drink Osman toKonya.Do you figure he’ll not comprehend your intention? He’ll not, in the event that I drink him the properly. What are you figuring of? I’ll drink Osman Bey then with eye-lighting up gifts. Then what? It’s my obligation to brush off him as the sultan.I arranged a fete for you. Pheasant will be the crown of your feast. Just as you like, it was cooked in a straight splint and bettered with redplum.Come.Let s talk regarding what I’ll do to Osman on theway.I got news from my government agent Dimos in Kayitribe.Osman terminated thatmessenger.

And Togay vented his outrage on him.

ueiusoAm Isurprised?No.Not atall.Nikola!We had a concurrence withTogay.He said that he planned to take the expatriates from Osman, and I planned to pay duty to him. – So?-He planned to assault my palace on the off chance that I did not paytaxes.What will benow?I can not entrust in Togay now. -But.You can trust me,Jason.Togay won’t assaultyou.Because we will assaultTogay.How?Togay is vastly further predicated with the newsoldiers.You realize that too,Nikola.Togays outrage is centered aroundOsman.We’ll allow them to cut one another,Jason.

Then we willsit.and watch with delight,Jason.

We’ll hit the last strike to the person who stands thelast.Wewill.Ruhlar izinversin.May the spirits permitthe.Karayemin.dark guarantee tobe.BdiuHun.broken.a * Dogfaces areready.We’re set to battle, Dark ShamanTogay!We’re set to battle, Dark ShamanTogay!Karaormanlar.For the purpose of dimforests.For the purpose of dullforests.Kara ruhlar.. of dimsouls.Ve kara yeminleradma.and dullpromises.and dimpromises

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