Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 139 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 139 Urdu

To protest the pail, Osman will sit tight for forty lovely Kayivirgins.to besacrificed.Why do not we arsonist the KayiTribe?Governor settled on a concurrence with Sultan, the trouncing sprat ofGeyhatu.He is the person who’ll brush-offOsman.You made a dim oath for the heavenly family of GenghisKhan.The rage of the spirits willbe.silenced by metoday.Now do to carry the assessments of Lords with your ruthlessnokers.Burn every one of the municipalities on the off chance that you haveto.

Yarhisar Lord Jason. Should not commodity be said abouthim?

Leave him tome.You gonow.As-Selamun aleykum, MySheikh.Aleykum As-Selam, Osman Bey. -May your work be simple. -Thank you. -It’ll be prepared soon, Osman Bey. – Keep laboring, mySheikh.Still water gets sloppy, OsmanBey.Satan goes after the individualities who do not work.

Work filters the so those working for the chuck recollect who blessed the bread.

For the people who know how to see,. everything will help to rememberdoomsday.We need to work, OsmanBey.Ahi people group implieslabor.Your harmony with Mongols went on for a shorttime.Heathens who could not get the charges tried to killyou.Our life lies in the possession of ourAllah.Without His concurrence, it’s not possible for anyone to take ourlife.You are correct, Osman Bey.But.We need work for theheathens.Our work is expanding as our fire of fight isgrowing.Our Mounts are hanging tight for the charge each around the country, my Sheik. -Selamun aleykum, my Sheik.


Aleykum Selam AleykumSelam.

MyBey.Aslanbey, the Emir of SultanMesud.is going to our clan fromKonya.It appears to be the resentment of the courier arrived atKonya.Goktug.As Emir will be in our clan around evening time, set up an inconceivablefeast.As you request, myBey.What do you figure, mySheikh?Why do you suppose Sultan has transferred hisEmir?Because of the assessment matter or the courierissue?

It can be both of them, OsmanBey

.But Sultan Mesud submits toMongols.He is tied hand andfoot.Of course, heis.Otherwise, how might barbarian Mongols go to these grounds and request charges fromus?We’ve the anticipation, OsmanBey.Whoever has the work he has thehope.You are correct, mySheikh.Now I ought to go to my clan and discourse with myBeys.Then we ll each together hear what Emirsays.If you will pardonme.Osman Bey, child of ErtugrulGhazi.The triumph you acquired against idolater Greeks drew our Sultan sattention.So it’ll be proper to compensate the Ghazi who made this triumphpossible.

Now with our Sultan’s countersign and salutation, wear thisrobe.Seljuks gave terrains to my granddad Suleyman Shah and my pater ErtugrulGhazi.And they opened a way for us to establish in these naturelands.So we’re appreciative to them. We consider their to be as ourfuture.and their provocation as ourcause.

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