Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 140 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 140 Urdu

May the breath of death be withus.May my dim oath be doused with Osman’sblood.Togay! !Kan. kan kanBlood. Blood.Blood.Night will return to the belly which it has a placeto.With the force of haziness, Kayi Tribe will be seareddown.I need Osmanalive.He’s my full oath.Our ridiculous strike will break,Camera.

ou accompanied your effortlessness and are leaving with your grace.

Kulucahisar is not faraway.I can not remain in this roof anymore.That is the reason I’mleaving.It recalled he was wounded in thechest.The most exceedingly awful megahit is the bone that comes from the believedones.What did you do, tell me? Could you handle the effects. .Do not noticeit.I give my vindication to you in this world andQiamah.Do not fail to remember us completely, okay. However, kindly watch our scenes on KayiFamily, If you need to helpus.com Now it’s a heritage from an inconceivable Kayi Bey to Kayitribe.With this sword.Amen.Bismillah.We got an extraordinary triumph, OsmanBey.

We distributed food in Sogut for three days, myBey.

She showed up in Kulucahisar free from any and all detriment with Gundiiz Bey and his Alps, myBey.Do I’ve concurrence Osman Bey. Lord Nikola will feel that our understanding isoff. Come on,Lena. Come on. Even when he battled against me, he battled to profit the clan He said no rebuking words.May Allah be satisfied with you too.This is the fortune of the Napoleons who convey the eventual fate of Turks on their shoulders.My Savci sprat was a Kayi Beytoo.We likewise bystander for his confidence, his person and his dignity. Even we did not suppose about the foundation gifts you made.Now those faultless and poor people.And you’re a mu’minah  womanish religionist)


who is regarded with Islam and whose once sins are forgiven?

And we will put forth further attempt to rate our Sultan sgift.And we will put forth further attempt to rate our Sultan’sgift.And we will put forth further attempt to rate our Sultan sgift.Long live OsmanBey.May your fight brand be in every case sharp. -Aameen. -Aameen.Bismil la hirRahmanirRahim.Enjoy your meaOsman Bey, I see that you keep the custom of ourancestors.However,, If we break themorals.we will lose our lightthen.However,, If we lose ourlight.we can not see in front ofus.InshaAllah, our Sultan himself will perceive that you’re so faithful to ourtraditions.Osman Bey, our Sultan welcomes you to the royal hearthstone

of Konya.Nursultan.showed kindness

.It’s unrealistic to turn itdown.Yet.The peril of Togay who Geyhatu transferred on us is stillaround.He tried to murdere me in mytribe.And presently he is with the killer he transferred rather than the assessments heexpected.And we’re hanging tight for him toattack.Do not stress, Osman Bey. Our Sultan knows thesituation.And with Mongols, he is settled on an understanding that they won’t assaultyou.It appears to be our Sultan believes it’s fitting that Osman Bey replied to the assault made onhim.

Gunduz Bey, you know the situation.

The issue is not the courier, still Osman Bey declining to paytaxes.This matter must be addressed whenpossible.Since our Sultan needs to secure Kayi’s standing with respects to the duty matter, Since he gives us an assurancethat.no assault will be made on Kayi,Then.Then we will happily admit thisinvitation.OsmanBey.Do not stress overhere.The good of your life is assured by our SultanWell.By the occasion you return safely,. our hands will be on our blades.

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