Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 143 Urdu Dubbed Harpal Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 143

Yavlak Arslan? It’s proper, my Bey. What roughly Osman? My Bey, OsmanNBey’s with his mounts They roar your call earlier than the war they are about to go my Bey. So, he goes to war again. So, he’s crying my call. Osman Bey is like you, my Bey. He’s important like your younger times, my Bey. May Osman live long. May he. End up a bey, too. May his name be cried Ameen, my Bey.

Ameen May it’s smooth. Thank you Was she always like this?

She was not She changed into forced to marry a man she didn’t love, also, she has come like this. Or, Selcan HatunNchanged her suchlike th s? Isn’t Selcan Hatun the most powerful lady of the lineage? Everyone suggests her respect because of her age. Yet, the age doesn’tNimportant for these matters. Mashallah, my daughters. What are you talking about there together? We had been speakme about Aygul Hatun. We witness sorry for her. What is incorrect with my Aygul anyway? She is an in reality desirable fighter. She as someone to take pride in. She is. You also are like her, daughter. You’re a son of Bey. We discovered how a brave man your father was. And how they killed him.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 143 Urdu

What did those heathens come after you?

After my father. It was my flip, Selcan Hatun. They knew what came going to show up to them if they failed to seize me as an internee, You are right. But in case you were such an important hatun. Why don’t neither your mortal beings nor that heathen called Nicola search for you? Targum. What kind of businesses this, son? Tell me. Selcan Hatun. Aygul is on Dundar Bey’s roof. So, Hazal Hatun also has entered Dundar Bey’s roof Do you put your eyes on boyhood now, Aygul’?

I understand that Where did you find that brand, Lena?

And I’ll maintain crawling towards my factual purpose. We all know Nicola wishes time. You want to seize that we want that time too, Osman You do not have any time to help. I set my eyes on you Hazal. I set my eyes on the murderer of my mama. Do not you remember that your mama. Tried to kill all of the Kayi BeysNand girls of the lineage. Aygul. I had an unfinished business with you, Hazal.

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