Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 151 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Har Pal Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 151

God is with those who are patient. Is there any gesture son? I would like to be alone, aunt. Isn’t the son alone even among everyone who cannot meet his loved one? What difference does it make if? I did not exist? When I think about it, a weight falls on my mattress. Why doesn’t she see her daughter? What did I do wrong and he won’t put me in his place? It’s not about manhood, son Sheikh is one of those who know your manhood best. The main thing is what to do now. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 151 With Urdu Dubbed. Will you fall into the palm of your anger Or will you act sane. This is the point.

Winter seems to be tough. We need to work hard

It is necessary to observe the rights of the poor. The pockets we will distribute for charity Let’s also prepare the skullcaps and sandals. Don’t worry There are no burns visible. However, the fire is deep. It is good in what is or is not. Osman Ghazi the Great Warriors

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 151 With Urdu Dubbed


Time is also important for heart affairs, my daughter You have those fresh leaves The essence of which I say with a thousand and one labor Avoid the winter sun Beware the frosty of the member Don’t let it roast your flowers. I do not consent to your meeting with Osman. You know. What happened, Bala? What are you doing? My father doesn’t want me to meet with Osman. Gonca has finished this matter in his mind. Once upon a time with a beautiful girl from the world There was a young man Civilian. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 151 With Urdu Dubbing HD.

My Lord compared them with a gazelle.

The first time they saw each other The fire of love fell in their hearts. Which one shall I tell you son? They fought many difficulties. However, they never gave up their love. That love came to life. It came to life with three valiant like a lion Daytime prosecutor Brother pattern Now you drop face like this If you are devastated by the hand of gam Is that okay? My heart is a place of war, aunt. The one I love will stop and I cannot take it away. Not if I say anger Not to say ambition Not that Not being able to meet makes me crazy. My lord The fire of you hits my bosom. I could not stop in the tent. I came to you.

Bala Hatun

Give me wings, sir. If he has a heart for you too Let’s go and kidnap Bal Hatun, sir. I like chaos but this time everything got so confused In this chaos, the most difficult task falls on you, Sophia. As long as our ideals win, father. It will take over the shores without using weapons The only power is Alişar. Therefore, his alliance is important. Don’t tire yourself anymore, sir. It is understood what you want to say. In the water supply May, you pour water a lot. In your case Honor your son. Varol, my father, may Allah accept it.

Selcan Hatun

Is there a problem in Oba, Yaman? Ahval is subject, my lord, but I heard the news at night. You stay still like an owl, but Nothing escapes his eyes. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 151 With Urdu Dubbed. For Osman Bey Edebalı to want his daughter He sent Selcan Hatun to a wedding. What’s the end? He said it is not suitable. He took a nap. Oba Bey instead of Emminin If you send your aunt as a wedding man This is what will happen. Now, let Osman fall into his own troubles.

Kulucahisar castle

Come At the time of the morning prayer Is it no? News came from a caravan across the border. He goes to Kulucahisar, in my opinion, out of Nikela. The good news comes one after another. Is it installed? Like overflowing from horse carriages So they try to hide it from us, but They have passed to the warring order. Do you think they will prepare, sir? Insidiously. Here they laugh at our faces.

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