Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 152 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Har Pal Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 152

Arrest Osman.

Arrest Osman. Alişar Bey! What is the gentleman taking his son from his tent? The opposite is the starboard man. Sheath that dagger. Takedown your swords. I wash this hut with the blood of his soldiers Alişar Bey Stay away from my brother. Stand back day. Don’t let my mind touch you either. Close is dead Where did you hear, Alişar Bey? Soldiers said it was the Kayı who killed Kalonoz. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 152 With Urdu Dubbed.

Dündar, what are they talking about when you are here?

We are the registrars Mr. Alişar Will other than God We do not recognize any authority other than his apostle. Dundar Bey. Think well. The end of this job or the mass execution Or is it exile. Doesn’t the Mongolian I am affiliated with in Konya ask for this? We say Osman is not guilty, don’t you understand? You increase us because of Kulucahisar. Neither they nor you My concern is justice.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 152 With Urdu Dubbed

Alişar Bey

Since you are Sancak Bey. Then you would stand in the middle rather than stand by us. If you hadn’t come without support like this. Enough Osman! I will not learn from you either my order or my desturu. I’ll take your bald now. What do you think you’re doing here, they are off guard? Osman killed Kalanoz Withdraw now. Will you prevent me? Get out!

We do our duty. Why do you stay behind the posts if you are not guilty? Are you afraid of my laughter? Hello, I am not afraid of anything that I can see. But I’m afraid of chastity, Alişar Bey Do you think I’ll sacrifice you for your wife? I will establish a fair court. Osman This work has Byzantium. He has Mongolian I don’t want new troubles. Take your mind. I will not be afraid of the court or the judgment you will make. But I’d like to talk to Sophia’s face to face. Osman, do not trust this man. Osman, you don’t have to go, nephew.

Abduurrahman Ghazi real Hero

The last post of beech Until the last drop of our blood We defend you. I am also Pusat Your justice is an order, Mr. Alişar Bey There was a raid on Yeni Pazar last night Our men have been murdered. Who does that? Nizamuddin. I will arrive in the New Market. Take this to the mansion and wait in the dungeon until I come. Mr. Osman Is it afraid of death Is it son to wait for death? In the first remembrance you give I do not know, I am Sheikh. Hitler sultan Hz.

Islam The Real Religion.

Hamza Towards the end of your life. The wars he participated in He was starting to go without armor. This situation didn’t go unnoticed by the head. Several of them asked O the master of the pusat people Joyful Didn’t you read the verse of Allah, do not put yourself in danger? Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 152 With Urdu Dubbed. Hamza He answered with steadfastness. When I was young. I used to see death as a farewell to this world When is my niece Hz. I was enlightened by the spirit of Muhammad I realized. Death If danger appears in anyone’s eyes.

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