Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 155 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 155

He’s an apprentice of the heart, I’ll let you know exhaustively latterly Drink You’re especially anxious, the seed of Bey The secret can’t be settled Is it so normal to uncover the secret? He failed, like any mortal Wrong, wrong Suckers do not fail horrendously, the seed of Bey The effects have shown up Don’t keep me included Stop, it’s introductory If you award me, my Bay Come inside We lost a ton, my Bay Tell Dadar Bey to help individualities who with having endured Rebuild each of the demolished corridors.

You’re a late youthful person.

The family will bear every one of the costs of the maunderers paying little mind to their religion As you demand, my Bay It was Flatios These are the names of his men I’ll go to the Homeric home exercising them and kill them What will my kinfolk say? We confounded our pater, uncle I can’t see my pater without aiding it With leaving it alone haram for me to check out my pater’s face without passing on retaliation for It has not been for a truly significant time- frame I trust it’s sufficient Drink Bay, I trust you’re happy with the effects you bought last time Thank you. Set up one further tinderbox As you demand, my Bay I can come; Come outside.

Peace be with you. – Peace to you as well.

I was keeping it together for you previously. Where were you; What did you do; Ertugrul Bey You came to me and introduced conjurations and I came and you present demands once further. I’ll be brilliant in case this is the focal solicitude for me But if you ask everybody like that, it makes me unfortunate. Since I do not suppose I partake in any advantages as shown by Ertugrul Bey Are you empty; Do you need me to set up some food? I came to see my family, Hazal And I chose to take it Her life abettor is Dadar Without his concurrence we will not give you your family’s cover

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