Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 157 Urdu Dubbing By HarPal Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 157

I understand assuredly nicely what this mysterious relic is.

Since this go is more valuable than your existence, also it’s our obligation to keep it duly. Don’t worry. First of all, I need you to realize this. As for what I really need to inform you. I need you to move nearly. Can you talk simply with me, Osman Bey? A will near the borders of Kestel. It’s linked to the İnegöl Tekfur. Everyone inside the will is Orthodox Christian. Still, their condition is miserable. Under the call of duty, they take some thing they have of their fingers.

They indeed immure those who need to oppose it and torture them.

I need you to be a attar for the accidents of these oppresse religion. How can I be helpful to them? I shouldn’t indeed cover myself, Osman Bey. Didn’t I just point out it, pastor? Your soul and your sacred also are entrusted to us. Did you suppose I changed into going to take my hand off you after I transferred you there? Don’t fear. My Alps may be with you. They’ll take your security, don’t worry. I want your presence and your words to breathe for the tyrannized there. What do you need me to tell them? The verity. Indeed, the clerk.

Let’s progeny commenced with the short medications. Mr. Turgut.

The bane has to be poured out. No. Hang on. Have a little tolerance. Hang on. Are you higher? I ’m satisfactory. But each time I see a snake, also I see you. You’re within the den of snakes. You have no news. Cornelia! Cornelia! You come all the way.

I do n’t like being in debt. We’ll be indeed. Sir, are you ok?

I ’m excellent. Sir. Stop. Stop. Dogfaces! Bring the nags! What’s he going to inform you, joe? Osman. He knows that the relic is the pass on which Jesus Christ changed into crucified. A scrap of the move on which Jesus changed into crucified. He’ll noway supply it to us now.


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  1. Hi why did you stopped uploading? We want more episodes we really like your services, but there aren’t more episodes uploaded!

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