Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 25 With Hindi Urdu Dubbed Bolum 52

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 25

What is there for you to be afraid of like this? I’m in danger! Are you afraid of someone whose reputation has vanished step by step? Tekfur Nikola turned away from the emperor. So the emperor still trusts him. He turned stronger then. It is both stronger and more crowded. To end Osman together, Nikola is now meeting with Togay. Osman’s enemies are more united than ever before. You are closer to mail than ever before, Mr. Dundar. Do you understand that you should not be afraid anymore, Dündar?

Is there any deck, sir? Come on. My Bey Cerkutay and Aygül are back. Togay will accept a warrior like you. He suspects me. I tell you that you saved me, I defend you. Let’s go then Cerkutay was hungry. You have never been full, Cerkutay. Cerkutay does not take my memory how he does this. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 25 With Hindi Urdu Dubbed Bolum 52. He loved himself so much. Especially Boran kept telling the jokes he made. They also became good friends with Aygül.

Osman Will Call The All Bey In Land Of Ertugrul Ghazi

He deceived us all. Us all. We wanted to believe, Mr. Osman. We wanted to believe that what he repented, he would become a Muslim and live like a Turk. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 25 With Hindi Urdu Dubbed Bolum 52 Bamsi, that’s why we were deceived. This is why Kefere became aware of every step we take. How many martyrs have we lost because of that traitor, sir! Have you taken a good look, son, have you seen it well?If I had the slightest doubt, Mr. Bamsi, would I say it was Cerkutay? Is there any deck, sir? Come on. Have you seen it well, Mr. Gencha? Especially Aygül, did you see a suspicious version?

Season 2 Episode 52

The council is a bicameral Responsibility is my responsibility And retaliation is my revenge When we stand among the traitors, Mr. Othman accuses us of treason The time for this traitor is approaching Osman will strike the last blow with Togai The weapon has been withdrawn from the Crimea and is now in front of Nikola Whoever enters us, even if it is my friend, I will not care for him, I know that

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 25 Bolum 52 Full (Server 1)


Osman Bey will kill me.

I grew up with jackals, Aygül. The forests are calling me. I have voices inside me, they say Cerkutay come Cerkutay come to us. Cerkutay missed the forests. He spoke like saying goodbye. What did she say, what did she say? Believe me if they say I tricked everyone. But Bamsi said I did not deceive the man. Vote, vote. Bamsi really loved you. The informal word is over. We will find the traitor and punish him. Kurulus Osman Episode 25 With Hindi Urdu Dubbed Bolum 52 My wound is not heavy, I will come too, sir. I will come too, sir. Is there any deck, sir? I betrayed him too. I can’t go back informally. It was not your home. Come with me. Return to your real home among the Mongols

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  1. Bhaii ajj jumme raat haii kab uploade kroge tym to hogya kitne din se intezar me tha ajj tym aya to episode hi nhi ati hai kab ayega aise to accha urdu doubed me dekh lenge mood off krdiya apne

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