Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 28 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 28

Osman is crazy. Is this guy thinking of beating us with a bunch of guys? The low dog! Archers! Little lamb. Little lamb, sweet lamb of honey. Come wolf brother. The brother who loved the mist and became companions. The brother who guides the roads. Souls the secret is solved. The secret is solved. The secret was resolved by his office. He studied, read, the orphan of Mecca studied. Get out of the way, he’s coming. His name comes from the beautiful and beautiful Mohammed. Cover it up. Cover your lover. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 28 In Urdu And Hindi Dubbing HD. There are ways the heart, the mind agile. My heart is very I clear my mind. You didn’t exist, you existed. You existed, you disappeared. Unity is the whole state. To the state, hu! To the state, hu! This door is the state door.

Kurulus Osman

This door is a private door. With unopened wrist. With unbreakable mind. It takes heart. Thirds, sevens, forties, forty ones hi to you! Let our state exist. Get Cihan nura gark. The walking man let the world be the state. Have a nice arrival. Goodbye Sit down. Little lamb, sweet lamb here you go. God created man. He gave him advice and heart. The language of the mind the ornament of the language is the word. I heard is truth. Everything that exists will cease to exist. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 28 with Urdu Hindi Dubbed. I heard is truth.

A gentleman becomes auspicious as he obeys the custom. I heard it is the truth. Now unlocking the heart it is time to hone of the mind. I was invited to peace. I came to the white sofa. My aim re-sparking our stove. Forgive me if I have any fault. Insightful moments, knowledgeable knows. The one who knows reaches his will. Informally, the pusat you wear the horse you ride the mattress on which you lie the path you walk, your dream is not yours.

Episode 28 Bolum 28 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Part 1 ( Server 2 )

[bzplayer mp4=”https://cdn.mcstatic.com/videos/12229000/12229508/12229508.m3u8″ id=”https://cdn.mcstatic.com/videos/12229000/12229508/12229508.m3u8″]

Time is not yours. The place is not yours. The son is not yours. The breath is not yours. Who is it? It belongs to the nation. Nation belongs to nation. Universe it’s on fire. It collapses. It dissipates. The devil’s army strikes as it hits it breaks down. People expect hope from us. He wants us to stand up. In Turkish by adhering to Islam. Osman, son of Ertugrul the devil’s army burns the world.

Episode 28 Bolum 28 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Part 2 ( Server 2 )

[bzplayer mp4=”https://cdn.mcstatic.com/videos/12229000/12229509/12229509.m3u8″ id=”https://cdn.mcstatic.com/videos/12229000/12229509/12229509.m3u8″]

Time passed quickly, and our animals were fattened by Allah. He made the winters ready. Who is this? Are you Yusuf? Hayda! I stayed in the dull wells. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 28 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed. You are Hasan. Be who? Whose hands are these? These hands these iron-holding hands my little blacksmith’s name is the hands of my beautiful Ahmet. Picking your wildflower eat their hands I am Yiğit Ahmet. Gonca Hatun give Ahmet your treat. Let’s take it. Have you gathered your load?

Episode 28 Bolum 28 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Full

[bzplayer mp4=”https://cdn.mcstatic.com/videos/12207000/12207506/12207506.m3u8″ id=”https://cdn.mcstatic.com/videos/12207000/12207506/12207506.m3u8″]

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