Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 4 Urdu Dubbing By Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 4 Urdu

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Ousman b.
The Corolis Usman Episode 30 Savi says he will change all, however Osman B thinks unexpectedly. Ottoman B and Sovacy B started to compete, and this dispute causes a war or a war. Both siblings start to kill each other. WE to understand the real reason for this war, we have returned two days. Ottoman B went to the Mongolian camp and saw that everyone has died. Yolk Arslan cut the monkee and killed every Mongol Fighter.

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 4 (IT HD Server)

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Yolk Arcelan.
Ottoman B saw the body of Kuzagan and tried to take notes on it, still it is spread. A bolt bumps Usman B into the leg . The meeting of Yolk Arslan was surrequent and he revealed his arrangements. Surrey will go and reveal Guiyatu that Ottoman caught Monta . Philies understand that the kingkeepers took place in the hallway.

Dinder B.
Dinder B and Sovacy B put black powder which had assumed in a mystery position in Sogot .Flats and Nicola plans to revenge Turks.
Errrrol B did Hazral Hazel and warned him about his brother Arsan. Ottoman B and Alps stop somewhere in Timberland. Then, Coming Abdul comes and shows a story in front of them. A couple of flats and bacterial fighters are strictly in the swag .

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 4 (Auto Server)

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Hazel Hazel.
Philies provide some explosives to their fighters and strictly request them to spread the black powder stock room in the swag. Fleetus has strengthened that he will take action for his father. Hazel Hazel came and talked with Dinder B. When talking on Hazal Bold, there are numerous explosions in the swag. Flats see and encourage the blasts from remote place .. The Dinder B got up and tries to solve what’s happening. An upr shows and says that the center of distributing black powder is spread.

Ousman b.
Ottoman B saw what has happened in his fantasy concepts in Sught and he mentioned Gundz B. The next day, the damaged part is brought to the motel and is treated there.
Errragol B is found that what happened in the swag and requests to help each from Dinder B. Aerospace B is required to rebuild every destructive space. The secret agent in Bartini Jagir makes something special. Soviet B and Dinder B read this message and discovered that the flavors were responsible for the blast.

Yolk Arcelan.
Sieki B has intended to enter the chatter using leaders, but Dinder B did it. Yolk Arsan and his fighters came to the field. Artogol B says Arsalan should come first and start talking with him. Arsalan says she has come to her sister Hazar, but Errragol B does not allow it. Then, Ottoman B and Alps go to the field .. Arertagol b

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