Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 40 Urdu Dubbing By Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 40 Urdu

EyvAllah. Thank you. Here. Sit. If you allow me, Bamsi Bey. EyvAllah. I remember. May he be accepted to heaven. our Ertugrul Bey. gave you the name of Suleyman .Thanks to Allah .Now we are partners with Kayi Dundar Bey is leading us From now on, Osman Bey will not think about trades when going to conquests and wars, evyAllah. Nice. May you earn more. But do not let sinister money go into your vault Do not bring sin to this tribe.Alright9Understood?Don’t worry, Bamsi Bey. Cerkutay! Let’s offer something to our guests. Tell me. Do you drink ayran or sherbet? AIIahi. They can’t drink sherbet my Bey Why is that, Cerkutay7 Why can’t they9I drank all of it. Did you drink all of the sherbet, Cerkutay? I felt a bit thirsty. .A bit thirsty…It’s empty now. You felt thirsty? Yes, my Bey.We don’t want to have a drink, Bamsi Bey. We wanted to see you after coming here.

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Your entrustments are safe, father .The memories that are left from our ancestors…will be learned will be reviewed…will turn into new conquests and new cities. I know that I have heavier responsibilities .I will also show more effort The nights must turn into days. Heedlessness is a sin for us now. Sons Can I come in, Bamsi Bey Come in. Come in. Is Bamsi Bey not here. He’ll come soon. Then we should sit and wait Does my Bamsi Bey like you? Then he shouldn’t ask me why I let sinister people sit in his tent He won t ask. I mean I guess Bamsi Bey is hospitable .

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