Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57

I see the Alps burn for gas. However, he has concerns about his gentlemen. My Alps, for God’s sake, are ready to fight in your way on the road to gas, Osman Bey. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 Urdu Hindi Dubbing. The honor of fighting with you in this gas, and the wrath of my lord is upon me. My dear is sacrificing for this gas, Mr. Osman. It is an honor for us to fight with you, this brave gentleman, Mr. Osman. You should know that these lands from which you came from the Mongol’s tyranny it is the last shelter of the Turks. And with our unity from this shelter, we will strike the strongest fist together against all the strife of the enemy!

Osman bey will treat humbl with kuffar

On the path of our ancestors, with your soul, your blood and, You will be instrumental in the grace of my Lord. We will never bow to any game of either the Mongol or Byzantium. Neither the armies of our enemies nor their games will ever hinder our unity and might! Courage leads us to victory, cowardice to death. We will never forget that the power we need is in the noble blood in our veins and in our faith! I have seen such an unshakable will before me, thank you to my supreme Lord! But you will never forget! God is with us.

Valiant alps of the malhun chick

I know there is no cure. However, there is a weight in my heart, my prosecutor. When I return with victory, that weight will be lighter. Do not worry, my Lena, I will not put you alone. I’ll come back to embrace you, my brave again. I will bring you good news. Is there great good news of your return? The pole of my tent, the sultan of my heart. It’s nice waiting for my tent. My reason for returning from victories. Star of the night. Zöhrem. My father didn’t hear you coming to war with me, right? Sooner or later our brain will hear.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 Bolum 57 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Our Alps are afraid of taking the wrong path. Wrong is my mistake. You are my alps. When did you see my command not worthy of an alpine honor? Don’t you know, my blood and my dear are both lawful to you then! Lets. Whatever you say my Alps, say now. After this time, we will enter the war near Osman Bey. Do not let his heartless horse ride beyond here. But you know, even if I am alone, I will be with Osman Bey until my last breath! Malhun hatun, Osman Bey comes with his alps. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 Urdu Hindi Dubbing. Now I ask for the last time. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be with me while going to gas with Mr. Osman? No, Malhun girl. We heard that your road is on the road, Osman Bey. Our Murad is to take destur for gas while waiting for his way. The fate of these lands where you come home is tied informally to this heaven.

Server 3

How is the condition of the Alps, brother?

Their mood is good, you don’t worry. All of them are aware of the importance of the matter, Osman Bey. I hope they are ready to fight or to be a martyr. What if they are ready for victory? God first! Under your banner, no one will doubt your victory. Brother! My faithful long-suffering brother. You did whatever, I wanted, you were always with me. I am pleased with you, may you do your right. How is he talking brother? I have no right to you. If there is, let it be halal. When Emmim left, we remained three brothers. Let’s be closer informally. Let’s chat, get in trouble, let’s appreciate each other. Oh my brother, of course we must be like that. We are each other’s guts. I hope we will spend the time that God Almighty gave us side by side, shoulder to shoulder. God willing.

Some non-Muslims from the people of Yarhisar Refuge To Osman Tribe

Osman, what do you want from us? However, he is now up and daring to ask them from us. Mongol and Byzantium put together an army against us. Their intention is to destroy the Kayı obasi and extinguish the hope of the Turks. It is not that easy, Mr. Osman. We put on the belt of diligence, we stripped the gas Pusat. Even if the sentence sets the world on fire, it extinguishes it with our heart; we carry it with the tips of our spears, even if they wash over us the dome of heaven. But my concern is not out of triumph. Victory belongs to those who believe. My concern is to confront the Byzantine and Mongolian alliance alone and to give many martyrs. My wish is to break the alliance of kefir and break them separately!

You came at the right time, for the right reason, Mr. Osman. You laid the foundations of the glorious state that you will establish by not giving asylum seekers. Surely we will not leave you alone. Listen now. Twin. Why Twin? The dead without a grave will be a feast to the ravens and joy to us. When we attack from both arms, İkizce is the only place Osman cannot escape. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 Urdu Hindi Dubbing. Osman Bey, this Melik luck still has not returned from the castle. Did he take refuge in Nikola? Melik does not go out of his master’s word. As long as we have Peter, he will not attempt such a thing. If he were to do it, he would do it until this time. In that case, there is only one possibility left. Nikola realized that Melik was a prisoner in our hands and killed him.

Why would I be angry with him?

Osman Bey will take care of himself. We will also play our own game. Osman Bey will take care of himself against both Nikola and Togay? Yes, it is. My decision is firm. Do you consider the Kayı oba? I think of you, sir. Your reputation. With your permission. Why would I be angry with him? I caused this. My Bayhoca. My dear son, your scent is still in my heart. Your voice is still in my ears. You are gone, I know you will not come back. But my eyes are still at the door. I see you in my dreams every night. I’m afraid to wake up. I don’t want to wake up. You came back to my dream last night. I hug you tightly. I hugged you tightly so that you wouldn’t slip through my arms again. Oy my son! My Lena. What do you do my Lena here? Is my prosecutor our son lying here? You know it is the body that lies here. The soul is in heaven. It is in heaven, of course. Isn’t it waiting for us? When the time comes, we will go and embrace our children. When the time comes.

I wish from Allah to take my life before you. My Lena. How’s that promise? I also can’t stand your absence. Oh, my troubled angel. Will I ever go somewhere before your tears dry and your face laughs again? Do not go. Don’t go, my prosecutor. Please don’t leave me all alone with our little baby. I can not stand it. We will grow our Ertuğrul together. We will see that he is a valiant, veteran like his grandfather. God willing. God willing. However, you managed to overcome them all standing tall. Your name became the hope of salvation of the Turkish protestors who moaned in the grip of persecution. The eyes are on it. Our prayers are with you. Now, Mr.

Osman Meets The Seljuks Sultan To Take Overcome Against Mangole

Yes, but this Osman should not be left with. After what he has done, we must attack Osman without waiting. We have to time and act accordingly, Nikola, for this last major attack. Of course Simon. Of course. I will prepare a large army with the soldiers I will recruit from the landlords and attack Osman’s oba in a moment. When? Very soon. But something stuck in my mind. I think Simon but it must not be easy to convince Osman. What that Nikola doesn’t trust us anymore? You answer that. I would like to think we are still friends. Of course Simon, of course.

Dimos! I saw it in the obit, and there was another one. Both of them were Osman’s prisoners. Who are you? You are lying! Nikola, you have to believe me. We do not work for Osman. Simon, where’s Peter? Or did they take him, prisoner? They also sent you to find out when I was going to make a move. Is that so? Nikola, we’ve given you so many opportunities, but you messed up all of them. You missed Osman many times. Now, do you want to make us pay for your mistakes? Simon, for the last time, where is Peter? I’ll tell you to come.

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    2. Bhai a seasons ko entertainment ki tarha mat dekho, bas tareekh janne k liye dekho, jab koi kurulus usman ko urdu zuban me dubbed nahi karaha tha tab, Maher etv k bhaiyon ne ise shuroo kiya, take sare bhai ye dekh kar samajh sake, hamko aur aapko wait karna padega jab tak o mukammal taur par dubbed na karlein, bhai dubbed karna itna aasan nahin hai jaisa k hum dekhte hain, isme bahut mehnat lagti hai, hame aur apko iska andaaza nahi hai, so pls cooperate…. Let them dubb with free mind nd we will ensure not to disturb them….. Thank u.. Even i am waiting for so long time to watch the 2nd part…

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