Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 58 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 58

Estağfurullah. God bless you, Osman. Estağfurullah. You trusted our justice and gathered under our banner. You are informal, unsafe. You are my responsibility until land and settlements are provided to you. We are Muslims who do not separate the servants of God from each other. Nonetheless, in my land, your religion, your bread, and your honor are also the assurance Ertuğrul Gazi’s son is entrusted to Osman Bey. God bless you, Osman. Thank you, thank you. Brother let’s get to Söğüt. Mr. Osman, we have another guest. Sir. I came as the ambassador of the Ilkhanate state. I am without a car.Kurtulus Osman Season 2 Episode 58 Urdu Hindi Dubbing. I have something to say to you, Osman Bey. We searched the top, it is clean, sir. Take this to my center. Notify Mr. Bamsi, too.

Umur, one of the sons of Kızılbey bey.

Your command is yours, lord. You have your order, sir. Won’t you descend from your throne and welcome that guest you promised friendship, lord Nikola? What’s your account, Mr. Umur? First, you came here, you told me about friendship, then you got up and gave your men to Osman’s order. You tell me. What is your account? What anger is that, Nikola? Let him say welcome. What’s your account! My daughter Malhun, how she did, Osman Bey entered her mind. Mr. Osman, don’t let your daughter get in your heart, Mr. Umur. Unaware of me, he took his alps and reached Osman. If I knew I wouldn’t allow it. Believe me, I will keep trade with you above all else. What is the point of stopping here when there is no trade? Umur, one of the sons of Kızılbey bey.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 31 Bolum 58 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

How do I know that you are not in a game with Osman?

If you thought I was in a game with Osman, you had already taken your head now. How do you know I’m not getting your head now? You need me as much as I do for you, Nikola. That’s why we are allies. Osman can also present what I offer you, Mr. Umur. I want trade. The way of trade passes through İnegöl, İznik, Bursa and even Konstantinye. I want to grow up. Come on, Nikola. Give a smile to your friend. Mr. Osman. The last time I heard, you were reaping the Byzantines who escaped from me. What is he or Togay sent you to promise good? We heard that there were Tengri guests from Yarhisar, Mr. Osman. They took refuge in you. They did this without asking us. You also accepted without asking us. Oye. You would even try to chew on Genghis Khan, for whom you smeared the whole world with blood.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 31 Bolum 58 Full Urdu Hindi (Main Server )

Isn’t he Genghis Khan, who says that God’s guests cannot be handled like my ancestor Oguz Khan? Do you say it, or did someone step on the tail of that Black Shaman Togay? Do not mention Genghis Khan’s name, Osman Bey. Mr. Osman. Mr. Bamsi, stop. I will remind Togay of the words of Genghis Khan, who said never touch them unless the Turks touch you. If you covet those who took refuge in me, then when the time comes, I will carve his eyes before he takes his head. If you do not give you cowards from Yarhisar, we will wash your oban on your head, Mr. Osman. The degenerate who haunted me remembered that he could not get teeth on me, and now he wants to be attacked by these strangers? What do you want to approach the Nikola you were a beast with and recruit strength now? Did you go after the gold that went to the Ilkhanate treasures?


You should say that. Kayı obasi is a lion bed. The fate of jackals like you is certain. Especially dare to come, then we will drown you in your blood. So you want us to attack so much, you will be what you want, Mr. Osman. Mr. Bamsi. Do you have something to call this Camoha? There is, or there is Mr. Osman. I will send greetings to Togay. Besides, I will also say Abdurrahman Gazi will be avenged. Now take this coyote! We will avenge Abdurrahman Gazi, Mr. Bamsi. Don’t worry. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 58 Urdu Hindi Dubbing. I know Osman Bey, first of all, God. My gentlemen. You can say what you think. Obviously, the issue is a tax issue. Geyhatu went after taxes. Of course, we stop Togay. However, if Geyhatu gets up and comes himself. No, Geyhatu’s head is crowded, now he can not come himself with all this trouble. He transferred the job to Togay.

Because the destination of a person is the destination. Kayı alps do not dare to attack when they are in this camp. So when did the Muslim deliver the refuge to himself? He will do anything to get the taxes. He will even ally with Nikola. If necessary, it will even print our obese. However, we neither give us the refugees nor give in to this threat! Brother, let the thesis preparations begin for the war. Thank you. It is time to show informal Togay what will happen to those who touch the Turks. Osman will not give refugees. I could not convince him. Will give. Either with peace like the morning wind with his hand or with his soul as cruel as the frost at night, he will give. Prepare my horse. The donkey that always carries us is more precious than the horse waiting to kick, Camo. Nikola will be delighted to see us. I’m sure of that. Nikola seems to be convinced.

However, we need to be a little more cautious. We need to be a little more cautious about supporting Osman openly. What would you like us to do, dad? Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 58 Urdu Hindi Dubbing. We shouldn’t be seen for a while. Otherwise, both our trade and our infiltration game to İnegöl may fall into the water. It means that we will lose our duty in case we will infiltrate İnegöl. Isn’t that the real gas? Isn’t it really going to get into the heart of the enemy and finish the job directly? You know better dad. There is a situation in you. What’s up daddy? In the past, you wouldn’t object to my decisions that much. It means that I used to not do my duty properly. My duty is not to dig your well. It means he is digging the brain that says thank you for every decision. Do you know what I am most proud of? To have brought you up like this. My lord, the landlords sent troops to Nikola.

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