Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59

I can’t afford to lose you. Mr. Osman. Even when my hand was not working, I was on gas. Now why do you say that now? Camoha talks about attacking the oba. He can be a traitor when we go to Kuluca. Therefore I will entrust the obey to you. If it is a bey’s order, I will of course obey. Thank you, Osman. Nikola is a clever demon. I will not survive that castle, Peter. Simon- I don’t care to die. I am ready to put my life forward so that you can get out of this camp safely. But promise me, Peter. Finish our mission. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59 Urdu Hindi Dubbing Kill Osman. My Bala. Come on. Come on. My sunshine, say you’re okay? I’m fine, Osman. What would I say if you’re here with me? Thank you. What did you do, did you take good care of the guests? Sentence needs have been seen, Mr. Osman. They pray to you in their own religion. Thank you. It is very important, my Bala, that we will treat them and that they are pleased with us. It is more important, my Bala, that Kayı is a home of trust for the oppressed. The enemy wants them back. He wants to prevent other non-Muslims from taking shelter in you. If we are a good host, then many guests will come. And if they are satisfied with us, they will remain here.

If Kayı is going to establish a state one day.

He will need a lot of Adam’s sons. This is a crossroads, my Bala, and we will never give our guests to that enemy. All ends will be able to say that these Kayılar strangers are lovable. And all ends will gather under our banner. You are interested in the kefer, Mr. Osman. Let the strangers leave the hospitality to me. Don’t let your eyes be left behind. This is my mother. Do not be behind your eyes. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59 Urdu Hindi Dubbing. I understand I understand. I understand, Simon. The tunnels were destroyed and you couldn’t reach Helen?

Yes, it all happened suddenly, Nikola. So how did Simon find out about Osman from the tunnels? Dündar must have heard from Dündar. So why didn’t we hear that Dündar was caught? Because Dundar was caught just before the attack started. And I had no way of reporting, Nikola. Understood. I understand. Well Simon, excuse my curiosity. One of these tunnels led to your shop, right? How come you weren’t caught? Both Peter and Uthman did our best to persuade Uthman. Of course, we have not dispelled all doubts. But Osman trusts us for now. So you convinced Osman?

Simon find out about Osman from the tunnels?

Especially if you ask whether a nation that has lost its honor has the right to live! Will it be a state for those who do not have a custom? Does it live though? Even if I am surrounded by enemies on all four sides, I will still fight! Because I’m free! The bigger the battle, the greater the victory. Thank you, Osman. Other than that, the surrender is not to be mentioned! Let all the alps be prepared in line with the information given by brother Melik. We will fight informally! Your order is yours, Osman Bey. Thank you, Osman. Mr. Bamsi. Mr. Bamsi. What is the condition of your hand? Vote. Healing, healing works well, Mr. Osman. It gets better every day. First of all, I will be at the forefront of gas. Not now. Not now, Mr. Bamsi. You are my castle, you are the pillar of our obese.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 32 Bolum 59 Full (Server 1)

What if Nikola wakes up and kills me?

At that time, with this letter I wrote, I put both your heads in the ballot box and send it to the Pope personally. Go now. When Simon’s war is over, if your intelligence is correct, then my alpine will take you to Cunda. You will pass there by boat. Storm. Yes sir. Come on, take it to your tents. Your command is yours, lord. Did Osman accept the offer? No. I didn’t even think otherwise. It is the last time to join forces without betraying each other. I don’t need Byzantine wood for the sun to warm the earth. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59 Urdu Hindi Dubbing. You threw the dice in my absence and you lost. Now you will be subject to my power. If your victory will be my victory, you will rely on every word that comes out of Black Shaman Togay’s mouth. Nikola will come with a large unit. Let it come. What about Togay? Togay will support Nikola. So they will attack together. When will they attack?

You will go to İnegöl, you will learn whatever you can learn

Two days later. I would like more information. You know I will stand on my word. Alps. My gentlemen. Here you heard everything. Would you say now, what would you think? First of all, God, we will deal with both the Nikola scale and the Togay scale. However, Osman Bey will have many martyrs. Bamsi, who will be many martyrs, will be many martyrs, but if the two armies unite, victory will not be easy. We will either trap, divide, or an honorable death awaits us. The prosecutor talks about an honorable death. Is there a need for this, Mr. Osman? Is it even right to go to death? What should we give up on our honor? Will the Kayis give up their lives in order not to surrender the refugees? Is this what we want? Losing our honor? Is it to lose our lives? Is that the point?

Shall we give up on the future of the beech, Mr. Davut?

According to what we have received, Nikola is preparing an attack to take back the refugees. It is necessary to prevent them from supporting each other and stopping. It is obvious that we cannot get in front of them without crushing the snake’s head. Let me call Suleiman and Melik. Head to top, lord. What are you looking for around here? Come on, don’t go around. You will take this letter to the Pope. So you’re leaving us, Mr. Osman. You know I will stand on my word. Peter. As much as I take credit for the Pope’s word. However, there is one last task that I would ask Melik to do. What? You will go to İnegöl. You will find out how many soldiers the landlords sent to Nikola. And when to attack. Then this captivity will end? It will end, you will pay your penance.


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