Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu Dubbing By Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu

Allow me to begin the reduction of enemies and the increase of friends under the banner. Let me give my life, sir! Let’s just say what is your name. My name is Turhan Alp. Sir, I heard that you have a grandchild, if you accept, I brought you a gift. Bring it. Master David, what do you say? It looks like it came out of your hands, sir. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu Dubbing By Geo TV Say, who is the master of this? I beat it with my own hands for you, sir. I even processed the embroidery myself, it is made of pure Damascus steel. Thanks. Goktug. Sir. The road is tired, take care of it. Your order is on my head, sir. Brother, keep your eyes on this Turhan alp. He might have sent a spy to the Germiyan Kayıs to see what’s going on inside. You should not worry, Osman Bey. Excuse me, Osman Bey. Thanks.

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Osman Bey, this brave man has caught my eye. Osman Bey is gathering under the veterans’ banner. Don’t be suspicious. I hope Bamsi sir. Well, Osman Bey, your alps will increase, and our crazy boy will not look for my place. Estağfurullah Bamsi Bey, what kind of word is that? No one can fill your place. I will be a victim, thank you Osman Bey. Thank you, Mr. Bamsi. Now is the time to take heads, not taxes. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 Urdu Dubbing By Geo TV You should have attacked by now. What happened to hold you? Togay freed his soul. It waits for the right time to attack. Hail to the great warrior who freed his soul. What do you want from me? Your deception of Umur Bey caused Umur Bey to obey Osman. If you want your friendship with Geyhatu to continue, when the time comes, you will give me soldiers. A sweet and bloody price. What about the taxes you will get from my tekfurlar? Their gold and herds, drenched with the blood of the Turks, will make Geyhatu very happy. As for you and the tekfurs. Turks will pay your taxes too much now. I see the dark souls weave our destinies together. It’s time to die for Osman.

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