Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 63 Hinid Urdu Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 63

Everybody get your alpine ready for a great battle! The order is yours, Osman Bey, with your permission. Thank you. My God! You give us strength. Mr. Osman! honey Let’s just say that he’s out of gas. Malhun chick! What happened to Malhun chick? Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 63 Hinid Urdu Dubbing His condition is not good, Osman. The healer is at the head of the chicks. I also called the doctor from Söğüt. What do you say, Bala? Malhun chick! Are you okay? I’m fine, Osman, don’t worry. Good, good, thank you very much. Mr. Osman. You should. I have important news to give you. What? Good news to you, Kayı Bey. Your longing for an unborn child will end. What do you say, Malhun girl? I carry the son of Osman, son of Ertuğrul Gazi, the lord of Kayılar, in my belly.

The emperor sent his son Mikayil to Iznik to meet with Nikola.

I came here alone, escaping even my closest soldiers in case I was hunting. What is Nikola up to again? Then a great war is at hand. I’m sorry, but this time it’s worse than war, Osman Bey. He ordered not to pay taxes. It means that he will wage war not only against us, but also against the sultan. A new army will come. The Commander put Dukas under the command of Nikola with a large army. Who is this Dukas?

A brave commander from a noble family. He has great victories, but above all his hatred of the Turks. What. As a first job, it will create a great defense line with the support of the Tekfurs. The lives of the nomads in the plateau are also in danger, so be careful. But will other Tekfurs be able to risk such a war? I told Nikola that I was not a party to this war. But the arrow is out of the bow now. Even if the other Tekfurs hesitate to enter a great war after all these defeats, they do not have the strength to say no to Nikola.

Osman Bey is doing their best not to pay taxes to the Seljuks.

That’s why they risked everything. Köprühisar Tekfur Adnos turned out to be the most ardent supporter of this war. It’s clear he trusts Dukas. Tekfur Leo, then your life is in danger too. As I come from the imperial family, he does not dare to touch me for now. But he will want to get rid of me at the first opportunity. Know that you are not alone. Anyone who stands against oppression is more than my brother. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 63 Hinid Urdu Dubbing You remember this well. Malhun chick you don’t look good is there something wrong with you? I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m just tired. Is there a Destur, Malhun chick? Come on, Bala lady. Allow us. The matter between us remained unfinished. It’s not half, Bala lady. This matter is over. Won’t you bother to get up? Don’t you think I might have an excuse? Here you go. I’m not here to argue. As long as you know your place and act accordingly, I have no problem with you. I know my place well, Bala lady. I am also a woman of this tribe. You had to be the chick of this oba in order for the two obas to unite. Not for anything else. What is wrong with you? You’re not well. I have nothing. I’m fine.

Goktug Will Be Indulge In Zoe Trick

Zoyi! Pied! If you want to get this done, use the sword of kindness. Babes! Babes! You should inform the thesis healer chicks. Lets! We have valiant alps, thank you. We’ll get through this too, sir. I don’t have the language to say. Ultimately, this will be resolved on the battlefield. However, even if we win, our former strength will not remain in these lands. Both the Emperor and Nikola darkened their eyes. This war will ultimately not be with us, but with the Seljuks. I will go to the sultan myself. I will go myself, but I do not have much hope for him. Why did you say that, sir? Even though it has entered Geyhatu’s dominion, it still has an army. Waiting for him to send an army while Anatolia is boiling with rebellions is nothing but a dry dream, master Davut. Even if we lose in the battlefield, they cannot easily drive us out of our lands. If the edict is not the emperor’s, these lands are also ours! We will fight to the last drop of our blood.

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  2. Assalamu alaikum bhai aapka kam bahut hi badhiya aur bahut hi Achcha hai typing aap official Jaise hi Karte Ho official se bhi Badhkar Mashallah Hamen aapke episode Ka Intezar Rahega bhai Salam Walekum

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