Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 64 Hinid Urdu Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 64

Osman Bey? It’s not! Sentence Turkmen lords are in love with Gaza. When the pups start hitting the shields, they can’t keep anyone in their tents! Yarhisar, Bilecik, İnegöl, Söğüt This is the line that we need to protect first. This line will be strengthened by our soldiers, sir. Before that- The Turks! If they cross this line, their target will be Iznik, the heart of Bithynia. We will not allow them to have this dream.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 64 Full Official Urdu Hindi Dubbing (SD Server)

I’m listening to you, Commander Dukas. After we set up the line and secure our back, we will continue our attacks from the İnegöl border to the Germiyan border We will push the Turks to the east. We will fight so that they can abandon their herds and possessions and flee without looking back. We will make the Turks emigrate to the reverse. Until they get the hell out of the hell they came from.

 Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 64 Official (Hi Server)

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64 Last Of Season 2 (Server 2)

Turhan Alp Martyred

This is the great battle we’ve been waiting for all this time! Your words made me feel the great Hellenic pride we forgot, Commander Dukas. Such bold words! You amaze us, Commander Dukas. The victory will be ours! The victory will be ours. According to the intelligence we have received, Nikola is preparing a line of defense.

It won’t be over before two weeks. Meanwhile, Dukas will have arrived in İnegöl with his army. Fifteen days will suffice us for preparation. You will cross the line of defense they will set up.

 Kurulus Osman Season 2

And you will constantly follow the enemy and gather information. When night falls, you should send skilled veterans to the other side of the line and express it. If we can get them to talk then we will be able to understand what they are playing. But Mr. Umur You have the biggest responsibility.

Cerkeuty Upset About His Dorry

You will provide surveillance in and around Dominic. It will be on our paws until the battle begins. When the war begins, we ride on the kuffar with takbirs! You should not worry, Osman Bey. Thank you, thank you, Mr. Umur. My alps are also ready for any task you give me, Osman Bey. Do not think that it will be difficult, Osman Bey, we will make it an oba, wherever our share falls. All other extremes are our camp, and all veterans are our alps. Thank you, thank you. The Alps coming all the way from Germany are in the same consciousness. Turhan Alp will also prepare the Alps for war. The order is yours, sir. Thank you, thank you Turhan alp. My gentlemen, my veterans, the time is drawing near, the enemy is gathering. What is to come will be the greatest of all battles ever fought. And the eyes of our veteran ancestors will be on us.

Osman Will be Establish the State Soon

Osman Bey. You came just in time, Osman, let’s go now. How many people are they? There are about forty people. We’re pretty sure they’re not Nikola’s soldiers. It must be the vanguard. Let’s go quickly. The Alps! You stay here. Thank you sir. They found a good place. I have personally watched the movements of the soldiers in this region for three days. Thank you, Mr. Umur, thank you. Did you learn anything? As you said, these should be the vanguard. Brother, What do you think? Their intention will be to unite here with the real unity and take action. This is a top-secret place. So what will their goals be? In recent days, the density among the soldiers in the Domaniç region has increased. I say, Osman Bey, let’s attack and finish their business here! Not now, Mr. Umur, not now. What goes through your mind, Osman Bey? Dukas’ army is not yet there. May you watch every step they take, every step, Mr. Umur. Thank you. The soldiers of Jason and the other textures will be right here waiting for your order, Nikola.

White Bear Darvesh Meets with Osman Bey

We will hurt Osman tomorrow before the great-pitched battle. Good day to you too, Dukas. Why tomorrow? Don’t say the soldiers aren’t ready yet. We are ready, you answer my question. Why tomorrow? Osman knew you very well and knew what to do. After all, you hit each other a lot. But the commander does not know Dukas. The vanguard will shake him and his lords. er? I’m going to confuse Osman with this little attack before my entire army arrives from Macedonia. Intelligence from my scouts and spies reveals it all! Osman has lined up his lords and alps along the border from north to south! They are constantly changing places and laying ambushes. They ambush ghosts. Nor do they know how many soldiers my army consists of. Like a hawk flying blindly. Now is the time to strike a small but effective blow. Good good! Nikola, finish the final preparations. Adios, come with me, and let’s tour the defense line together. How long will you stand this arrogant pig? Shh Until it thickens. Tekfur Leo is still missing. If it’s revealed That’s when Nikola kills him without blinking an eye. Tekfur Leo, I’m glad to see you. I thought something was wrong with it.

Zoe The Spy Of Nikola And End Of Zoe

I came here under very difficult conditions, Osman Bey. Is there any information? Unfortunately, there is. I heard from Tekfur Adnos that Nikola and Dukas were planning an attack on Domaniç. He spoke at length for me to join this war as well. I heard it from his mouth. Just as we anticipated. He says that they will take action for the attack at sunrise tomorrow. The intelligence we have received is that the attack will be in and around Domaniç. We proved it with your words. Should we inform the other oba beys, Osman Bey? The time has come! Everybody get ready for Cenk. Thank you. I’m Göktuğ. He’s brother. You have something to say, brother. No bro, what’s up? Goktug, let’s go. Brother, I bought this from Konya. for Zoya. But I couldn’t. I would like to give it before I go to gas tomorrow. But you don’t dare do you? Brother, you know, I run a simple Pusat against an army, I don’t say tug.

Orhan Will Be Become Brave Man

I followed Zoyi. He came out of the camp today. I followed him all the way to Söğüt. But he lost his trace in the side streets. He lost track of it? I mean, he’s definitely done something. I’m sure of that, my Bala. My Bey, the dogs of Byzantium were seen in the Karaçam valley. Relatives of the unit that Umur brain identified. They will attack the surrounding villages. Turhan! Saltuk! Sir. Sir. Let the waiting alps know. At your command, sir. You know what to do. First of all, my lord. It’s time for a whole war! Lets! It’s not as big an army as we think. What do you suspect, Osman Bey? Neither Nikola nor Dukas is at their head. What will we do, Osman Bey? We will see their account first. Do not hurt anyone! Umur Bey, you will attack from behind with your alps. Turhan Alp will also support you with the Alps. The Alps Come on. May our Gaza be blessed. Amine. Order of battle! Damn it! How is this possible? Do not you still understand?

Bala Son Also Will Come Soon As Allauddin

We will attack at the same time. No one should survive. There are also Christians living in these villages. Anyone who agrees to live with the Turks deserves to die like a Turk, Nikola. Then let’s finish this. Better stay here and take our safety. When it’s done, you come to celebrate my victory. As you wish, Dukas. Soldiers! Here we go! Osman Bey, I do not see the joy of victory on your face. Do you doubt our victory, Osman Bey? There is another business in this business. I worry that they will mislead us and sneak upon them. Don’t stop! Leave! Commander Dukas, this victory is yours! Osman will think that we will attack the Turks in the plateau, the Turks villages around Domaniç, with all our might. I’ll pass this information on to Leo. Osman will take this bait. We will send soldiers around Domaniç. A small unit will be stationed there. We will draw Osman’s suspicion there.

Orhan And Allaudin Will Be Grown Up Together

I said I’d warn you before Osman takes your eyes off, Dukas. Osman and his alps are in Domaniç as planned. He’ll come after me when he finds out what I’ve done. It will be his turn. I will wipe them all out in a great pitched battle. Do you know what the Turks say in such situations, Dukas? God willing. I hope Dukas. God willing. No, Aygul. Nicholas. He attacked the villages around Kulucahisar with Nikola Dukas! They set a trap for us, Osman Bey, they set a trap! You are right, Osman Bey. What is the condition of the villagers? They burned everywhere. There are many dead. They killed innocent Christians, even children. What do you say, Aygul? We hunted prey, bird.

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  11. Assalamwalikum, Brothers, I have a improvement request, the background music is too loud compared to the dubbing, it would be great if the background dubbing is louder than the music! ( Also its hard to undertsnad what the characters are saying because of the background music which is louder than the dubbing…) Hope this will bring improvement!

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