Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 36 With Hindi Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 9

I wasn’t expecting you so quickly, Osman. Certain. If you knew my future you wouldn’t have committed this betrayal, would you? He? Let’s do it like this, Osman? Osman let me release your uncle and brother. You have that let go of the torch. So you are willing to die with my sign, Osman? What about you? With me and could you afford to die with this dog? Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 9 With Hindi Urdu Dubbed. You should say so. Shall we do it like this, Osman? Let’s do it like this. Let’s go step by step, if you want.

Why Flatyos Are No Longer available For Rome.

You first that Osman leave that torch in your hand. Do what I say. killing you, Flatyos. You are no longer in command of Rome. You’re not even a soldier, Flatyos. Mr. Osman We got information about Geyhatu. Geyhatu he understood that sooner or later he would drop Kulucahisar.He will arrange toys in Yavlak Arslan’s obituary. They will invite you too and make peace with Nikola. Fine arrange their toys. Dundar The Prosecutor and Gündüz Gentlemen are also invited. Geyhatu wants you to obey him. Geyhatu still has not learned that the Turk will not obey. Osman Bey will find out. He will learn.

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I will not allow this. I will not let you die without saving your own honor. Flatyos if you try to commit suicide a priest who will bury you in this land with religious ceremonies priest you won’t find any clergy. I promise you. I hope no, Davut Aga. What happened to Mr. Dündar and Mr. Prosecutor? What happened? They seem to have returned empty-handed from Kulucahisar. May they pray to their return. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 9 With Hindi Urdu Dubbed HD.

Season 2 Bolum 36 Episode 9

This one I will say let’s not tell anyone about this but Osman and his alps know everything. What Osman nor the alps say anything, my nephew. However, how are we going to look at Osman’s face I think about it. Brother throws his brother they said it will keep you at the beginning One day, of course, I will save him from his troubled situation. At that time debts are paid we settle. Debts multiply, Prosecutor. God will allow I hope we pay Osman saved you again. Now who knows where. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 9 With Hindi Urdu Dubbed HD

Episode 9 Bolum 36 Part 1 (Server 1)

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Episode 9 Bolum 36 Part 2 (Server 1)

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Its Time To Destroyed Bazintine Castle.

Bey’s daughter only marries a gentleman. Kayı Beyler Single there is no not that who want to adopt has. No, no. Have you been looking for a gentleman for Targun? It is difficult to be a girl to Kayı, my daughter. It was difficult before but now it is more difficult. Our times a handful of Adam would rule over a handful of land. At that time, even those girls like Hazal tempting the half-witted Kayı Beys they could be such a gentleman. However, things have changed now. Kayı talks about being a state.

Bala Hatun.

It means being a chick to Kayı means to be a chick to the state. For example, my Osman because of that Well, he took Bala Hatun, who was raised in Edebali’s quarry. She is such a chick is worthy to rule the world. So I do not say that my beautiful girl to be a chick to Kayı or if you intend to give Kayı a son not to him look to be a Bala you too. Huh? With your permission. I have work to do. Of course, my daughter go to work. What happened to you? And stop wandering around tell me what happened. Let’s. Especially. Osman always like this it was crazy.

Your ceremony is clear Osman.

It was always brash. It was brave. Not that he wouldn’t think behind what he was doing. Before he could reach this age on gas I thought you would be martyred. It is changing every day. More courageous and more affordable both more aggressive both more consistent. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 9 With Hindi Urdu Dubbed. This job it won’t be easy, girl. It will not be easy. Someone like this on the way to his destination nobody looks at the tears, right? Your ceremony is clear Osman is your youngest. To prove that  is his it is normal for all of you to put in a lot of effort.

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  2. Bhai aap thoda time ziyada lgarahe ho bhai aap ek episode rozana send kro bhai jaan vese aap ki bhot mehnat horahi he bhai bhai ore aap ek time set krlijiye jis time Aap episode dale jese 8:00 pm bhai plez aap ek episode rozana ki koshish kre plezz

  3. Bhai jaan aap allah ki raah me apna kam kare jao allah iska bhi sawab zaroor dega ….pehle me bhi apko bura bhala kaha karta tha lekin aap waqai me bht acha kam karte h.

    Allah apko aur kamyab kare….

    Bas ek guzarish hai k episode part 1 aur 2 me na kar ke bas 1 hi part nikale dekhne me bht mushkil hoti h download k bad. Sequential kharab ho jata b aur story samajh ni ati h phir.

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