Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 90 Urdu Dubbing By Geo TV

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 90 Urdu

I won’t return without Flatius .Let me come with you, brother! Brother, go with them. If I cannot get Flatius we cannot find out who the traitor is. Be careful. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 90 Urdu Dubbing By Geo TV We survived the traps of evil thanks to our faith. For the love of “Best of Planners. “If we do not demand payback from the infidels may our swords break in our hands! May our eyes be blinded……if we do not demand blood for blood may the breath we take be forbidden to us! May it be forbidden! May it be forbidden!/Osman must have sent away the wounded on horseback. He must be on foot. They have fewer numbers.But he has the best of his Alps with him. Soldiers We’re splitting into two groups! Mistakes will not be fofgiy.en! Move! Lena. You are worried about Bayhoca. I know. Do not worry.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 90 Urdu Dubbing 1080p (HD Server)

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What are you waiting for? Be quick!Let go!Come over here, Bala!Let’s move.If you want to support us, please watch our episodes on KayiFamily.com Look at you now.I pity you.I despise you.I will tear apart your hideous face.And you’re going to watch, Goktug?With pleasure. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 90 Urdu Dubbing By Geo TV You couldn’t even give……your Bey an heir, a son.What reason do you have to live,.What are you waiting for? Be quick!Let go!My Bey. Boran Alp!Goktug! My brother!I knew you would succeed!I knew my Osman Bey would not discard you.Osman Bey.Are you alright?Are you hurt, my Bala?-I’m fine.So. this is how you would die.

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My brother.I missed you, my Bey!Hey. MashaAllah. Goktug you did it. From now on from now on, you will lead the Cumans. So. I’ll be missing you again, my Bey. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 90 Urdu Dubbing By Geo TV Until victory, brother. Until our victory. EyvAllah, my Bey. EyvAllah, Bala Hatun.May Allah be content with you, Goktug. This was a clever trick, Osman Bey. The trick will go on.Goktug……be on your way. EyvAllah.Daughter of Umur Bey……from the Ankara Beys.My name is Malhun Hatun. My name is Malhun Hatun. We are here answering Osman Bey’s call to settle in these lands.

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