Kurulus Osman Season 3

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 94 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 94 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 94 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Get your dogfaces ready. We’re on our way down. – Yes, Joe. Did you make any promises? We did. – We did. May Allah continue to bless you. My gosh. We saw these two of our children agree, and you will work as well. May God bless this union. Amen, Amine. Amine. Grant this pair patience in their careers and love relationships. Amine. – Amen. On the other hand, you will marry and become the king of two lineages, precisely like a westerner. Ivaz Bey and the late Umur Bey wanted a gentleman like me to head their lines. Isn’t it? Mr. Barkn, is there a Decatur? Husamettin, come in. Joe, bad news.

He’s Osman’s foe, and everyone who bothers with my game will sink into my darkness! How did Barkn and Brahim Fakih meet at such a crucial time? Following a conversation between the two men, he married a faqih. He set up a toy and sat on the gentleman’s fleece while he was out of the home. Malhun, who gains from the complaint? To Barkn, who wishes to sit in the correspondence without being surrounded by others. Joe, do you think he did?

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 94 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

It’s fine as long as he stands and faces away from me. Let’s take a seat at the table. You’re late, Dogfaces of Tekfur Kosses. We carried out Tekfur Kosses’ orders. Then stay. Nikola is probably on his way. Nikola was unusually punctual. Let us extend our stay. Joe, the Emperor’s assistance will come from this source. Argus is dog-faced. Did the dogfaces visit them? Our dogfaces are providing all security, Joe. Beautiful. Our lovely Argus canvases are on their way. Our defenses are improving, but most importantly, we have enough supplies to last us for a while. But! Is that sufficient?

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Do you ever feel bad for your partner?

Would you refuse to give me a gravestone? A tablespoon of honey isn’t enough, and I told Mama Selcan; that we need a hive. Let Cerkutay deal with it now. Oh, you crazy chick! Although I could not attend your jubilee in nhisar, Mr. Turgut, I would like to reach an arrangement with you. Please take a seat. Let me start by saying that if you had a minor part in Mari’s death, Nikola, talk to me so I can kill you. Mr. Turgut, oh, Why would I want to put him to death? If I wanted to kill Mari, why would I stay so long? Please, Turgut! Please remain calm. Would I, however, be able to keep her alive? Please, if you played a minor role in Mari’s death. You will never speak his name again. Mr. Turgut, you may proceed. At the very least, find out what’s going on.

I did not make the toy. I attended the gentlemen’s party.

They thought it was excellent of the principality post, and I didn’t say I wouldn’t get up. He enticed the gentlemen by providing akça ahead of time. Is Ibrahim Fakih correct? There is no account I am unable to deliver. If anyone is held accountable, it should be Turgut, who took Inhisar without permission. Barkin, you are correct.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 94 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

While using the negöl request, I assure you that neither your property nor your life will be assaulted or injured. I want to establish a written agreement with you so that you don’t have any doubts, and then you can leave. Both sides benefit significantly from shared usage of requests. Naturally, once the safety of goods and lives is ensured, all traders will rush to comply with our instructions. All of this is contingent on your acceptance of my terms, Kosses. Nevertheless, negöl!

The Inegol request is a fantastic opportunity for you.

Season 3 Episode 94 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Kurulus Osman Turgut Bey and Turkmens will not be ruled by Osman, who is solely concerned with himself. Isn’t it? Every occasion you mention will be taken care of by the guy. Barkin, isn’t it? They plant your absence and my illness after all this time, oh my lord. But, family, why would I stay? Should we get you out of bed because the toy has been put up? Selvi Hatun is correct if you aren’t present.

So this is a game? Selvi, how about you? Cypress, as well?

We’ll see what happens. We’ll learn them all. Well done, dear lady; it is lovely. It’s as though I’m eating honey instead of haze. Good appetite, Cerkutay… Sir, bon appetit… My lady, o mashallah! How do they listen to their men’s remarks? This is the completed Cerkutay. Is it okay if I bring another pot? That haze I drank isn’t helping my toothache, Aygül. Let’s make and consume some meaty bulgur. Have you done it before? Of course, the crazed female is aware of her husband. Bay. Bay. This is avoided. – He’s gone! Since the evening, we haven’t eaten on the roof, and you, Cerkutay, haven’t left any food! Get up and plan what you’re going to do if you can’t get enough! Lets! I have got a job! Fill the table as well! Ah!

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