Osman Season 4 Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1

I should have gone too, but if something happened, let’s die, my arms are tied, I can’t wait, I’ll go, calm down dad, nothing will happen to us, with the permission of God, I settled the horses and sisters in Yenişehir don’t worry, even the bird won’t fly without us knowing, keep an eye on it Ayşe Ülgen Hatun sent it They didn’t eat anything, they say at least they should drink something Thank you ] [Music] shields won’t hold up bro.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

be cautious as well neither Esma nor the three of you wanted me to give it to you, but you just had to see it, who gave it to me, I didn’t know it, but the Valide Sultan sent it to you, simply she is in the fortress of Marmaris with sheikh edebalı You will be here alone before the sun reaches the hill. If I try to play a game or I don’t come, your father will die, balatun, you are my father in return for your father. If you lied, I will not forgive you. A man came to me and handed me a piece of paper. He said, “From the Valide Sultan, just give me a Bala woman.” hungry Osman Bey Şahin, where did they come in, they’ll come in hurry Come on Mesut, come on Nobody Knows come on,

I won’t leave you, martyr fish, they don’t know Mesut’s existence, their aim is to take me He sacrificed himself for the city , Suleiman did not spill on me, I will not let go of his blood and my Flying Horse Sultan [Music] don’t let you feel without understanding balloon Where did Bala stay I’ll look at Halime and the house went on the mountain did not return Aksak Did he go to Söğüt Malhun chick to you I will say something but where is Esma Valla Bala hat un sent you a news

ok, if you say so, then they will come Let’s see, let’s see they will come. your heads, then the heads of those on your head, I saw very surprised. Valide Sultan but my sheikh is bound, what happens? Sheikh is imprisoned with good manners No one will be able to talk to him from now on without my permission [Music] forgive me, give it to your youth, for your sake I ignore it, ya chick Avcı Bey, soldier Don’t let a single Gedik be left empty, take our flags [Music] After this time, no one will leave the fort without my permission. where will I go. we are bullets bro, what did you do to everyone  did you touch burns like fire I’m not a good sign, don’t get close to the event, hammock breath is impotent It may be a contagious disease, how do you know, your property, your father is a prisoner in my hand, if you don’t come Know that your father died He said that you will come to marmaracık without informing anyone , and don’t say he went on the balcony, didn’t he and later we realized that I couldn’t

my slide entered two chemistry my fellow countryman and Balama They want I said they want you Osman Bey, I’m a ruin, stay with me At the moment, my dust will be covered with dust. You’re welcome, he will know where to go, I will take our sultan to the safest place I hope Sultan Fatih But the disease of the patient is contagious It is obvious that Ismihan did this on purpose, it is not cured, the disease is seen in Söğüt, the people are sick. I robbed our impassable castle and its property together with the horses This disease will not spread from here. You will not be left behind by what you do. You will not be left behind, Mr. I will go to take a honeymoon with my thing. Trust God Come on Aslan, let’s [Music] be with our physique, my God, how long have we been left, cheek family Sultan’ We were going to say no, we were going to say, Hatun, Durmaz Unless they stop then, there will be more problems for God.

There is God Bengü [Music] Sheikh is a good person He is a friend of God To a friend of God, why do you think this will cure you, we are on the wrong track My banner flies Osman Who will attack the place where I rule My Sultan is not for his well-dressed and simple Osman The sentence is valuable for the Turkmen He is a friend of Allah [Music] I’m afraid there is nothing to fear from the sky Bey I know what you know But you know what I know too Osman mesud He hides u if he gives me mesud I will give the sheikh morality Is our state a state of infidelity so that Allah will take his friend against him now say  Are you with Osman? Are you with me? Let me increase I trust you completely, thanks to me, we will have another guest  Bala lady news y I’m old, he comes here to save his father, he humiliated me, he deceived me I will leave him with impunity

I forgive everything but I will not forgive the injustice done to me, I will make him regret a thousand times, I will punish him in such a way that no one in this land will ever be cruel to me again My Valide Sultan Sheikh, will you leave him with good manners Halime I don’t have a beautiful daughter I don’t have I know you will get angry with my spelling mother, but I know if I don’t get angry

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