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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 10 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

It’s not the market, Marta, I want their reputation. The caravans will not come! When the goods in the market run out, famine will begin. Who will they blame? Of course, the Malhun lady in charge of the trade. I will bring the caravans that Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun could not bring. I will save the people from misery. Then his eyes will not see Bala or Malhun. They will see your might. Bengi chick, I will give you the responsibility of the market. I am sure that he will cope with this task well. I will do my best to be worthy of you, my sultan. Put alp. How did you like my game? You know best, Valide Sultan. Of course it is. I always know best! Well, you… Do you know that you sent Osman to death! Your loyalty to Osman brought the end of you and Osman, Konur alp! Whatever happened to those before you, yours will be the same. I stand behind my case. Whatever you intend, we’re going to wrap it all around you. I’m going to drag you down and then destroy you. You will experience all of these! Throw that in the dungeon! Who are those who covet my throne?

Whoever dethroned Mesut once. I dethroned my uncle! He was shortsighted, especially by making too many concessions to you, causing our strength to break! It is obvious that your head is heavy on your body that it throws the words of your tongue without account. As the Sultan deems it worthy. But I wished everyone to come out so that you can talk comfortably, not to talk comfortably. What will I hide in my palace? That İlhanlı has put you on the throne and can even remove you when he wants. Osman Bey, who gave your name to me so that my fame may be like you and your ancestors, is in the palace. Is Osman Bey in the palace? He fights against those who want to dethrone you. As we heard this information, we came to your land. Your presence on the throne is a blessing to us. And we wish your servants to preserve this state. Osman Bey, I heard that he is not on good terms with my mother. Does he still come and watch me? A sultan like you, whose shadow even makes the hearts tremble, does not need to be protected. Ours is service.

Where is Osman Bey? Leave! Sir! Sir! Sir! I’ll take all your heads! I’ll take the head of your sentence! All of you! Sir! Let go! Hold all the entrances and exits of the palace! No one from the nature of the Sultan should come near! Don’t resist Osman, don’t resist. Now you try to put me in this cage, or else I will make this world a prison for you. Osman Bey… So it was destiny to see you like this. Hands off! Didn’t you say to catch them alive? We’ll have some fun. We will crush. Now we will crush Osman’s heart. Nukers! Storm! You don’t worry about us, sir. We don’t get hurt by breaking, alhamdulillah! Lets! – Come on, come on! Guardians! Smash Osman and their alps as much as you want, but don’t let them hurt them, you can’t answer to Valide Sultan. Samagar is not accountable to anyone. Especially when he has Osman in his hands, he does not show mercy! Valide sultan will make every move to stop us and break it.

At that time, we will fight until it breaks, mother. There is both burning and burning on this road… First of all, we will be cautious. Is there a Destur, Malhun chick! Come on Cerkutay. What happens at the door, Cerkutay? The shopkeepers of the bazaar wait for acceptance to the divan. Here you go. Here you are. Trees! This is the gentleman’s sofa! Get yourself in order first! Tradesmen and people alike cry blood. What do you say, explain it properly. Caravans stopped coming to Yenişehir. Those who came from Konstantiniyye were cut off, now those from Konya have also been cut off. If it goes on like this, we won’t even be able to find bread to eat. Gentlemen, calm down, we do not put anyone in the open.

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