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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 11 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

I will take care of the caravan myself. Whatever anyone needs, I’ll see them all. Now go back to your shops and wait for news from me. Don’t provoke anyone. Hold on, guards! Guys, hold on. Come on brothers! Alps. Let’s break the great commander Samagar, please Osman! I have other plans for Osman. We’ll rip out his heart! Nukers! Lets! If you want freedom, get up and fight, Osman! Come on, let’s see. Attack! Destur! His Excellency Sultan Alaattin! Our first target will be Sultan Mesut. but if not, then you will say that the Mongols who are holding us are after Sultan Mesut. You will confuse them with the art of the word. And so Sultan Alaattin will save us from them. Buyruk Osman is the brain. – Thanks. Be there, son. Osman Bey probably prevented the traitors’ move. But he was arrested by Samagar and his nökers. You said I shouldn’t trust anyone when I’m on the throne.

I do not trust you. But I will hear what they say, Osman Bey. At that time, we need to hurry up, my sultan, the Mongols will try to kill my father so that their game does not come out. Let Samagar wait for me in my presence. stop! Unlimited! What is this situation, Osman Bey? The property belongs to you. You have to ask about the condition of this place. But we were not surprised at the fitna where there were so many enemies. You will explain everything in detail. You will give an account, Osman Bey. If I believe in the sincerity of your intention, then I will spare your life as it is now. Thank you sultan. Let’s look at the wounds of Osman Bey and the Alps. Let it be cleaned. Then I want in my presence. Emir Sultan belongs to His Excellency. Meanwhile, Mr. Alaattin will be with me. Everything will proceed as we wish, Osman Bey.

They will reveal the location of Sultan Mesut as soon as possible. You did a good job with Alaattin. The rest is up to me. – Thanks. We will get what we want and then you will do your duty. It’s your command, sir. Alps. Are you okay? We’ve had better days, sir. But thank you very much. It is preferable that we live and breathe for the sake of the cause. Lets. Let Hüseyin prepare the thesis paper inkpot. Let’s tell the Valide Sultan what happened. Lets. What is the status of the shopkeeper, Ayşe? When the caravans did not bring goods to Yenişehir even though they promised, the supplies in the hands of the tradesmen decreased, Malhun. The Mother Valide Sultan even considers it necessary to offend the people so that we can be dependent on her. He does not send caravans. If we can’t find supplies for Yenişehir, the people will rely on him like the gentlemen. We will find it. Aktemur should not delay the tradesmen in the bazaar even for a moment. Opportunists will multiply as supplies dwindle. –

No one will be blinded. The Valide Sultan increased the measures. What is your intention? We will crush the world to those who scare us with famine! Now you listen to me carefully. We will secretly extract the provisions from the castles and camps and bring them to Yenişehir. How will so much food be enough for so many people, Malhun lady? Of course, it will be enough until the caravan issue is resolved, but we must act quickly. Let Aktemur send speedily to the castles and camps. How are we going to do this job amongst all the blasphemy, mother? Ala… What about the goods, Mr. Bekir, were you able to collect the goods in Yenişehir?

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