Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 111 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 111

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 111 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Osman Bey and his wife’s Court His punishment will be seen , even if the punishment is already proven, the court will still be tried, take him to the dungeon. He knows the place of the dungeon well. Marmaracık is my property, like all the lands you set foot in the bastions, the property may not have an owner after the court, Osman Bey, take it ani Dünya Sultan His Holiness Mortal World for everyone Mortal World for everyone Valide Sultan is the only person to be held accountable for the ottoman What is Bengi Hatun Olaf doing here She is the murderer of my brother This is not the place to talk about it. Let’s take a look at their wounds first

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 111 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Let’s see what’s on the stalls spread all over the market, gather all of them and identify the houses that are not infected with any disease, so they don’t go out. Their main state will die from poison, they will starve. The caravans will not come, the warehouses are empty. would be enough There is no disease yet, we will deliver that food, then there is nothing in the shop of the Malhun seagull to him . Did you find out who it is?

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I trusted you, but you were no different from Osman, you betrayed us with that fit that shed my brother’s blood, as if it wasn’t enough, you brought him into our house. All this Apocalypse Is it really for this? because I would have lost my house, my tribe, since I have united with them, since Adam does not see our pain , you will deal with them instead of taking our revenge a statement, you should walk the path of the sultan alone I thought you were a smart chick. Don’t you know politics?

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I’m famous without my judgment Can’t you see that since I came, did you hear that word attacking a single Turkmen in a single room, he needs that word to keep Osman’s rope in my hand , but do n’t think he will forget what he did to you Maya , when the time comes to forget, he will be punished but don’t question me one more time with that stanza What if you get up, I will separate your head from your body, I love you, I love you. don’t worry and we will put these chains on their necks Wow Osman Bey wow If I see time again, you will always go to the progenitor with such a chain on your neck Oh, the one who is on your way, Kurgan is always on your neck I am a wolf like a hyena every time I see you, you wait for it to fall, I ‘m sorry Mr Osman take.

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I’ll take Osman I’ll take Osman I’ll take him to andronicosil kill whoever can’t keep more than ten beds then bury him in the ground then he can’t get up No No Olaf No I need strength to be a legitimate ruler How long have I been trying for this Android Absolutely so We will take Osman, open him, he will tell where it is Or I can’t protect this power anymore Are we going to try to keep him alive Now, just until we tell him where the cross is Olaf After that, will you make a belt from his skin Will you make a chalice from his skull?

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We will take it gentlemen forgive my mother’s fault, this is also a great forgiveness of friends of God like you Sultan His Holiness, what you call prison is nothing more than the discipline of our souls wherever we feel the dhikr of Allah in our hearts, but those who make the dhikr of Allah in their heart think they are free, even if they think they are free is always captive to our Lord from being one of them. Bless Sheikh Edebalı

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