Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 115 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Get out of my way! No one will play pusat without an order from within the alps! If they don’t hit, we won’t hit either. When you are a guest, you shoot the pusat. We shoot until the situation is clear, and then we will break it. take it away. Well, once you become Osman’s nephew, your destiny becomes a dungeon.

If, as you said, Osman Bey, let the enemy’s game come out, or if this issue came out of Aktemur, there will be no agreement or unity! Let him know! But if you come out after him, then no one will come out of my land alive! I’m not the type to assassinate your son-in-law. I’m not the type to play games after you! I see your pain now.

I don’t take your threat seriously because I see your pain. Of course, this land is yours, but let him know that it is not clear whose head will fall in this land. You should try Osman Bey, try it. I’m not one to be afraid! The one who knows the truth is never afraid of death. Look, I didn’t even pull my head against you.

Karesi Bey, I will face those oppressors with you. Then you will see.. I know you from myself, I know you from us. You will see the truth. Then you will beg me for forgiveness. Gentlemen! What happens here? Again, you tried to do things without me and covered the place with blood! Can you feel this, Mr. Orhan? I don’t feel anything.

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