Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 119 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 119 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

We will be there too, Valide Sultan. If the enemy is to be broken, I am always ready. You are free as you deserve, Aktemur Bey. Thank you Boran, justice always finds its place. Thanks. How is it Mr. Orhan, is there any change? I hope it will be better. I hope you were able to find the perpetrator of this traitor? We haven’t found it yet, my daughter, but we will find it. Now, if Orhan Bey does not heal, the post is the right of Alaattin, isn’t it? Now is not the time to talk about them Bengi Hatun, I hope our Orhan will get better.

Of course, of course, I hope he will get better. But something comes to my mind, and I’m afraid you may misunderstand me. Say if you know anything, Bengi lady. Orhan Bey is the heir of the Kayı skin, right? That is, until he was bedridden. I don’t know if Alaattin Bey had acted ignorantly… He is young and naive.

How can you slander my child, Bengi chick! Let your ears hear what comes out of your mouth, girl! Or- – I didn’t. I didn’t do it, mother. – My son! I didn’t. son! Aladdin son! Aladdin! My Valide Sultan. Nobody saw that the Hunter was alive, right, Celali? He did n’t see it. We left the city in disguise. Other than that, you’re a dead man, Hunter. You will not be a prostitute without my command. Why didn’t you take my life when it was so easy to take?

I would not sacrifice a man, even my trash, for Osman. Everyone knowing you’re dead will make my next moves easier. You will go to Olof and hide in İnegöl. Taking the gentlemen behind me tied Osman’s hand. And now we’re going to tie Olof’s hand. When the time comes, we will make Olof the fire that burns in our own way. Mister was right.

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