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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 12 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

We even collected the goods on our counter overnight, my Valide Sultan. We will also buy the last supplies left in the hands of the tradesmen. There will be no goods to be sold or bought in the market. Good, what about the goods in the castles? We bought the goods in the camps at double the cost, my Valide Sultan. Olof and his men took the castle’s provisions. Where are we going to put all these goods, my Valide Sultan? To our ally Olof’s cave. What about the people? How many days will the provisions in the cellars last? The people have already caught fire, my Sultana, if I say that there will be a famine tomorrow, it will be true. Malhun chick will be helpless. He will be so helpless that he will give Yenişehir to me with his own hands. Now, without wasting any time, stack the goods in Olof’s cave. It is the safest place.

You send word to Bala lady, tell her that you will be our guest. It will come. We did what we had to do. We knew their tricks and fell into their trap. But now it’s time to play our game. I knew they would try to kill us without even telling Sultan Alaattin. Well, you say, who moves so fast? Secret keeper. The Mongols hired Sultan Mesut as a threat to the sultan Alaaddin. That’s why they are more suspicious than us in the eyes of Sultan Alaattin. I set up my game with my son Alaattin. We broke İlhanlı’s power in Konya in the eyes of Sultan Alaattin. Samagar will not be able to run as he pleases. Blood flows under every throne. We will get what we want by using their greed. We will open the doors of the west with the power of your song. I hope sir. Now let’s go and make the last move of our game. Lets. I will find out who is behind this betrayal!

I will hang his head at the entrance of Konya for the sake of the world! Be the news. My Sultan, taking refuge in your forgiveness… my opinion is that… whoever comes and disturbs the peace afterwards is guilty. Please forgive my Sultan, but whoever finds and uproots sedition will certainly disturb the peace of the sedition maker. Osman Bey, the leader of the conquests, who kept the property of the infidels as his homeland ! My Sultan. I respectfully greet you. Your arrival is not pleasant in the least. Either you prevented the fitna or you wanted to cause it. We will learn the truth now by what we have heard from you. Thank you for putting the responsibility of truth on my words. His Majesty the Sultan has been in unity with Kayı Obası and Konya for generations. It was like that with your uncle, the former sultan Mesut…

I hope it will be like that now too. Will you unite with these words, Osman Bey? By mentioning the name of the old sultan in front of the sultan! Your language is boundless and the price is heavy. Unlimited tongues tell the truth. You said you wanted to hear the truth from me. But obviously some of the sycophants next to you will console you with lies that you like. In fact, the throne you sit on is too strong to be shaken by the name of a deposed sultan. Obviously someone wants it that way. Samaga! Didn’t Gazanan send him to guard you? Don’t they even threaten to re-enthrone Sultan Mesut from the dynasty? His Excellency, I am the shadow of Gazanan. I am the representative of İlhanlı, but if you are going to judge me with the words of an oba gentleman, the whole of Konya will pay for it. – Unlimited! In whose presence do you speak like that? We put you on that board! If you talk one more time, he’ll cut your tongue and send it to Gazanan! Nöker…

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