Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 120 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Valide Sultan plays tricks on everyone. Let’s inform Tez Osman, brother, come on. It’s Frik who did this, and we’ll get him sooner or later. Of course, Malhun must be taken out of İnegöl first. Mother. – What. Can’t you do anything? At least we couldn’t crush Olof’s head, let’s be useful in the Frik issue. What will I do, girl? I haven’t seen that snake since the truth came out. Besides, how can I get him out of the castle.

I have sent word to our brothers in the north that we will be stronger now… With or without them, my darling, I will soon seize the land I promised you. This will not be easy. No one can stand before us when the chosen warriors of Jesus are with me. None as brave as Odin’s warriors, Olof! I’m so afraid you’ll find out on the battlefield. Soldiers fighting for Jesus Christ have no fear in their hearts, Frik. You will understand this only when you feel Christianity in your heart. Olof – Frik. Tell me, what did you learn?

Olof went to the land of Osman Karesi. There is no sign of Turgut either. Osman’s lands had never been more vulnerable. They expect us to herd them like a docile sheep. Let’s light the fire of war Olof what are we waiting for! In the absence of Osman, let’s turn their lands into a bloodbath! If Osman İnegöl does not attack us even when we are with us, he will definitely have a move. What will we do then? We will attack everywhere, we will take whatever Osman has before they have a chance to make a move.

Make the preparations. We’re going to take the land that’s ours. Olof! Where you go? I will pray to God in the church. Say the Alps. Sir, we followed the Hunter as per your command, he is not dead. Valide sultan plays tricks. What do you think? What do you say! Ismihan… Ismihan… I wanted to believe you because it’s a hard time, but no, no.

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