Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 121 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

You said, oh my, Cerguday doesn’t want it because I can handle it on my own. I say don’t be afraid, I am the daughter of the black midwife, what should I be afraid of. Now that you are separated from me, you will be afraid in wild hands. You are the daughter of the black midwife. You are big-hearted, you are brave, you are brave, Ülgen woman.

Now let Olof go to the church and find out where these preparations are. But be cautious huh. What will you do? And I’ll go to the arsenal and smash it. Keep their enthusiasm in their crops. Alone! Are you thirsty for your life, no Cerguday, let me come too! If we think about our lives, what are we doing here, Ülgen lady?

But you stay alive. Good then, but you will go and come back safe, Cerguday! Cerguday does not die. Promise! – Promise! Well, I’ll take a word from Olof, there is no escape. I will make him sing like a nightingale. Will she run away from you, Ulgen girl! Cerguday – Well take care of your life, huh? So, I haven’t learned it fully yet, you will teach him to play the pusat, don’t forget. I don’t forget, come on. Get well soon, my son.

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