Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 123 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

My heart has been kneaded with all the trials and pains, but this is so bad, my God. I pretend to endure… I pretend to endure, but I can’t afford it, my God. I am helpless in the face of my child’s pain. My God… please God, test me with my life! But don’t test it with your son’s life, my God… You are the cure for the helpless, you are Kerim, you are Latif… We have no other door but you. You will be the panacea.

Please God, please give my child health, heal him, I have no one but my children. Please forgive them, my God. Please forgive my Orhan, my God! Amine. Amen my God. Osman… Where are you? Orhan… Orhan… Sir? Mister… Mister are you okay? Whatever Osman had hoped for, he was disappointed. Before, he wanted to unite the lords behind him, but when he failed, he gave in out of necessity. Osman is loyal to us for now, Bayindir.

There is always a game going on behind his head. Let’s see what happens. May she do so, your majesty Valide Sultan! Osman always has to dream of his silence in front of you. Getting rid of both Osman and Nayman trouble! This is our first goal. Prosperous, two birds with one stone. You will not avoid any sacrifice for this. As you command, Her Majesty the Valide Sultan. Desire, my neck is sacrificed for your way. Keep your neck, Bayindir.

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