Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 124 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Loyalty is enough. May the morning gentlemen be greeted in the best possible way. Let them be welcomed so that when Nayman comes upon us, we will welcome him properly. May Jesus Christ accept your prayers, commander Olof. Thanks nun? Irene. Irene. So tell me, did that woman become a Christian? Here is sin first!

You have to confess. If you do not confess, your prayers will not be accepted. Didn’t Catholics confess? We are Orthodox- Of course it is! Since we are in the middle, it’s not exactly like that. I mean, in the middle, human-oh, everyone is human! You don’t look like any nun I know. But I loved your comfort, you confess, the almighty Jesus will help you.

My first sin, my big sin, when I was a child- Oh, that child has lost his mind! More recently, for example, yesterday. Yesterday? Maybe I’d better talk to your brother, Reverend Simon. Simon, just talk to Simon, I’ll grab Simon and come back then Len Ülgen will be afraid! If you had just stopped, you would have learned! I will tell you the names of the villages you will attack, now listen to me carefully. Yenişehir means here.

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