Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 125 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

You see us as your equal with your city in this one, Osman Bey. You despise Söğüt, you bought Yenişehir, but you still haven’t reached the size of our properties, Osman Bey. You took us to your side and then you came back So the truth is to be behind the Valide Sultan. I thought you were smart. – What do you say, Mr. Yakup, hey big Yaman Candar.

Does a person ever submit to someone younger than himself? Osman Bey or will you stand behind him? And you! Karesi Bey, you are walking to be the ruler of the seas! What convinced you to stand behind a shepherd who had never seen the sea! We have our own reasons, too. I seek your forgiveness, Valide sultan.

Let ‘s say, what makes you stand behind Valide Sultan? Loyalty! – Heh! Loyalty to my state! If it’s going to be Cenk, Ali Selçuk will do it. If a war council is to be established, Ali Selçuk will! Let’s say the Valide Sultan stood back. Does Osman’s brain fall into his place to be the chief while I am there? I am not hostile to Osman Bey.

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