Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 127 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Well, let’s say it’s not expired! In order to gather the gentlemen behind you, Inegol, why did you sell Inegol to Olof? Talk! We didn’t sell it. You say a lie, Hunter, you call me a lie! We didn’t sell it, Olof bought it. What about Yeni┼čehir, did you make the people there sick? Did you poison the innocents! For what! Let me go, Valide sultan will kill me if I say this! Hunter… You thought we would keep you alive?

Turgut Bey, this will not be the case, let the language be silent, let the pusat speak! No, he will not die like this, Aykurt. Bring the horses! Bring it so that we can tie each of its limbs to a separate horse. Let him go to Karesi, let him go to Candar Let him go to Germiyan Let Hunter, the faithful servant of the Valide Sultan, travel the land! Hunter.

You are such a hero who loves his homeland that I will scatter your pieces all over the place! So that the people can learn from you and they get to know this valiant! Come on, where are the horses! – Stop! Wait, we did it. He made Frik with the order of the Valide Sultan. No, it is not enough, you will tell everything! Everything!

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