Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 128 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Now you say, why did that matter in the Karesi council fall on you? Because it is Valide Sultan who finds the traitor and provides justice. He lined up everyone behind him, Osman Bey finished his reputation. Hunter. Just enough! – Stop it! I will tell you everything! No, you shouldn’t say anything to me now. If you are going to tell them, you will tell them all in the parliament. so that everyone knows the truth. you will relax too.

Take this dog! Lets! Sir. I got an intelligence. Nayman Candar Bey and Karesi will appear to enter the territory of the lord and ask us to disband our army. But he will walk to these lands, which is his main goal. What if he really does what it seems… I don’t have a single unit in my country. I am totally here. Calm down, Mr. Candar.

If we weren’t sure, we would have sent Yakup Bey’s five thousand horsemen to you. But Nayman will come here. Are we capable of destroying Nayman in a field battle, Valide sultan? The Mongolian crushes of the Germiyan horsemen are many. Don’t you trust your own alps? Thank you, Mr. Yakup. Thank you Sade, the possibility of being wrong has narrowed us! When Nayman comes to these lands, we and Yakup Bey will welcome him.

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